Just an Update

I should probably be getting ready for work right now, but I thought that I would quickly update on what is going on around here.

Not a lot, really..Just every day stuff:) We had SNOW last night, and early this morning. I am not happy. It also turned REALLY cold over the weekend:( One day, I was out in my light jacket, the next day, back the winter one. At least it's been sunny!!

Regarding my cyst..I finally heard back from my surgeon, and she said that it hasn't grown. Apparently, it was in the CT scan last March, but they didn't do anything about it, which makes me a bit upset. It was about 6cm, and now it has gone down to about 4 cm. To be honest, I am not totally content w/ what she said. I still have fluid in my abdomen (more on that in a minute), so I just don't understand why it's still there:( They will do another u/s in June to see how it's doing. I am doing fine, no pain, any everything else is fine. I will go to my Dr. here to see if we can take some of that fluid off.

I have gained nearly 20lbs since last April. I am not happy. I know some of it is my fault, but not all..since I have fluid...it's obviously some fluid that is making up the weight. I am trying to eat better (or at least, add more fruits, veggies in my diet), but not doing that great w/ lowering my salt (although, some days i do ok). I hope to lose a bit once I start walking more.

I have some trips planned this year...a couple to Vancouver, and maybe one to Edmonton at the end of April. I am hoping to go to Calgary this weekend. I am able to get in on a youth trip, so it will pretty much a free ride. I will let you know if I went, and how it went when I get back! There are also a few other things we (or me) have in the works...we'll see!

I have an MRI (two actually) booked this Thursday and next Monday. I asked to have them in two separate appts, since I can't do 90 min. at one time. I am a bit nervous, since i can only really take a gravol...it's not so much the being in their, it's just the annoying noises that it makes. I was told that it is open on both ends, and I can have music. I don't remember this last time I had it at RIH.

Work is still going well. It definitely has it's moments. I love how they are so flexible w/ my going away, etc. Even this Monday, it is at 5pm, and they pretty much said I could do what I wanted (take it off, work a split shift, etc). It is an easy job, but I am pretty tired when Thursday rolls around. Last week was actually a bad week at work..I was very glad to see Thursday evening roll around!! I may try to find another 1ohour/wk job, just to supplement. We'll see.

Oh..back to Vancouver..I had all my appts (3) booked on two days in April. My MS Dr's office calls and says that she can't see me that day! GRR! So, I book it end of March. Oh well...I am hoping that I can get a ride w/someone, at least one way.

This last weekend was pretty good....I did my SS lesson, and ran a few errands on Friday (hung out at the church for a bit), and I made dinner (gasp!) and we watched "Unstoppable". I guess that was our date night. Saturday, Dad took Anker and I out to lunch, and then I went over to see my friend, and we went for a walk. Ended up having BP for dinner (take-out), and I called a few people. Sunday, Anker woke up w/ what we think was a migraine, so he stayed home from church (again!), and I went, as I had to teach Sunday School. I went out to lunch w/ some friends, and came home and just hung out for the day. I ended up cleaning our bedroom, which took me 2 hours. Watched our shows, and that was our weekend!!

The weekend before (Vday weekend), I enjoyed some alone time and Starbucks. I went to see my friend who had been in the hospital for nearly a month, only to find that she was being discharged!! I waited around for a bit (I had paid for my hour of parking), and her DH came, and we chatted for a bit, and as a thank you for me spending time w/ her..he offered to take Anker and I out for dinner. We had a nice dinner, but we were really tired..we..came home and hung out. I went to coffee w/ a friend on Saturday, and I got Anker his VDay gift at Chapters, so I hung out there for a bit..and I also went to the mall. Anker and I also went grocery shopping on Saturday. Sunday, we went to church, and they had a fund-raiser dinner for some people who are going to Guatamala..so we had spaghetti..yummy! Ended up going out for lunch on VDay...it was very good. So, that was last weekend.

I really still would like to have a baby...I feel so left out at times..I am following some blogs (BTW, I was able to delete some of the blogs I had been following, but didn't want to continue doing so anymore) of some BLM's (Baby Loss Mama's), and even THEY are getting PG again..don't get me wrong..I am soo happy for them...but I feel gyped, and cheated out of not having one of my own:(

I am thinking of making this blog public...I really want to meet new blogging friends..we'll see, though. I am a bit nervous..taking it out there...

We got Shaw Internet for $10/month for 6 months, and we got a free PVR thrown in. I don't know what we would do with it. If we are not here when the show comes on...we don't usually watch it. I don't even know how to work the thing.

I hope to have some more news to share..but that will have to wait:)

The Thursday before for VDay weekend, I was coming home from work, and the car started making odd noises, and I lost the heat:( I got really scared, and of course, I hit ALL the red lights coming home. I prayed like crazy! It ended up just that there was hardly any fluid in the car! Anker filled it up, and it was fine..but it scared me into getting my BCAA membership.

I am also trying to read a book called "Nurture" by Lisa Bevere. I spent some time at Starbucks last Tuesday, and read a chapter..I really like it. The problem is...I have to find the time to read it!!

PS....I was at the library yesterday, taking out some magazines, and I went to get my card out of my wallet, and there was no wallet! I freaked out a bit, but not too much, b/c I was pretty sure it was at home..and sure enough, it was..:) I couldn't have dealt with a lost wallet:(


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