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A free t-shirt, and other Happenings...

For those of you who may know, I tend to frequent A LOT of blogs! I think I am following about 20 right now. Most of them are adoption blogs, so I love reading their journey's....

This morning, I checked on one my favourite blogs, (sorry, don't know how to encript it), to see that I had won a t-shirt!! She had decided she would do a give-away from her friends adoption blog...SHE (Andrea) had bought 10 t-shirts from Abby, who is adopting from Ethiopia. Anyway...I had commented on Andrea's (babeofmyheart) blog, not thinking anything of it...I didn't check it last night (I usually check on them at least once a day), so I didn't know she had updated...SOOO this morning, I went to her blog, and I see that she had drawn the names of the commenters from the day before..and sure enough..she drew my name!! That totally made my day!! If you are looking for a t-shirt, and want to buy one for a good cause..then go and check…

Thinking of Changing Names...

..of my blog that is...some changes have taken place (ok, not CHANGES), just things have come to light..that have made me recently..(ok 5 minute ago) think of changing blog names. I am also wondering about going public..or maybe I should just start a new (another) blog althogether?? I would love to meet some blogging ladies online..and you really can't do that if your blog if private..of course, I could comment on the blogs I already read...How DO bloggers become friends, anyway??

Anyway..had kind of a blah weekend..and came home to cat throw up all over our bed. Seriously was not impressed. I nearly killed our cat right there. But today, I made a trip to the laundramat, and washed our duvet, it's cover and our mattress cover.

Sooo..should I go public, or add another blog? What name should it be?

A Long Overdue Post

It's been just over a month since I updated, so I figured that it was time.

In some ways, there really hasn't been much happening, but in has been quite busy.

-Went to my family's for the Canada Day Long Weekend. Had a great time w/ family and friends. Even had some fireworks:) Camped w/ our new tent, and we got rained out (not really, but we did get soaked), but it was on the last day, so it really didn't matter. Even took my sleeping machine with me! Enjoyed our new the "porch", etc. Spent time reading, and just enjoying nature.

-July 12-16, helped w/ our church's VBS program. We did "High Seas" this year, and it was really fun. It was a beautiful week for it, and we had about 60+ kids come out.

-July24, attended a friends wedding. It was a hot day, but a lovely wedding.

-Also baby sat some of my friends' kids, so that was fun being w/ them. The money was also nice:)

-July 27, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Had a nic…