Thinking of Changing Names...

..of my blog that is...some changes have taken place (ok, not CHANGES), just things have come to light..that have made me recently..(ok 5 minute ago) think of changing blog names. I am also wondering about going public..or maybe I should just start a new (another) blog althogether?? I would love to meet some blogging ladies online..and you really can't do that if your blog if private..of course, I could comment on the blogs I already read...How DO bloggers become friends, anyway??

Anyway..had kind of a blah weekend..and came home to cat throw up all over our bed. Seriously was not impressed. I nearly killed our cat right there. But today, I made a trip to the laundramat, and washed our duvet, it's cover and our mattress cover.

Sooo..should I go public, or add another blog? What name should it be?


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