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Just a couple quick things I forgot...I took a Superhost course in March..just a 2 half days, but it was interesting, and I can put it on my resume at least.

Also, I met a lady who's blog I have been reading lately. I found it on my friend Jamie's blog. I found out that she grew up near where I grew up, and I think her dad even taught my aunts, and dad. I was in our greeting gazeebo, and I saw these little boys, and I asked them their names, and they told me...which of course sounded familiar, but anyone can have those names...but then they told me their baby brothers name..and I was sure that it was her. So, a while later I told her that I had come across her blog...and we talked...but not for long, as it was busy, and they were leaving to tour the place..anyway..just sort of funny:)


Hi Everyone:)

I have been debating about whether to change the settings of this blog to public, so that I can get more I am still not sure how to upload pics, nor do I know how to make a link to other blogs I frequent. If someone can help me, please do so!!

So..I came across a blog last night (through a friend of a friend, and yes I was bored), and I was very moved. A beautiful family. Three beautiful girls. About to have another. Then at her 20 wk u/s discover that the baby they want so dearly will not live when she is born. How does one cope with that? Alot of grace, and alot of faith. What an amazing family, with an amazing story. The blog was public, and her story is known around the world...this tiny little baby has left this amazing legacy!! The point of this story (other than that I was moved) was that they trusted God. So, that got me much do we really trust/rely on God??

I have been having some "Trust Issues" w/ God lately. Just wondering w…