Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just a couple quick things I forgot...I took a Superhost course in March..just a 2 half days, but it was interesting, and I can put it on my resume at least.

Also, I met a lady who's blog I have been reading lately. I found it on my friend Jamie's blog. I found out that she grew up near where I grew up, and I think her dad even taught my aunts, and dad. I was in our greeting gazeebo, and I saw these little boys, and I asked them their names, and they told me...which of course sounded familiar, but anyone can have those names...but then they told me their baby brothers name..and I was sure that it was her. So, a while later I told her that I had come across her blog...and we talked...but not for long, as it was busy, and they were leaving to tour the place..anyway..just sort of funny:)

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