Monday, July 13, 2009

A long over-due update

Just a short update to let you know that we are still alive!! I am TERRIBLE at keeping up a blog, I am finding. I think it is mainly because I really have no clue who is reading it, and if it is being read.
Because it has been over 3 months since I updated, I think I will do this in point form, also, b/c I'm lazy....

First, I hope everyone is having a great summer! I really can't say it has been a SUPER summer, but it hasn't been all that bad...I mean, we are alive, have food, shelter, and of course, have had some lovely weather! I went for my first swim yesterday in the North/South Thompson River..VERY cold!

So, in semi-chronological order, here is our life in a nut-shell...

-End of April, went back to help my family at the end of lambing for a few days. One of the guard dogs had 12 (one died, sadly, after she laid on it) puppies. They are keeping 4, and I get to name one. They have sold most of the others.

-Enjoyed a lovely weekend at our (CCC's) Ladies Retreat, which was on Mother's Day Weekend. It was at Sunnybrae Bible Camp, which was really fun. I think they are going back next year. It was a weekend full of lots of fun, food, and fellowship, and I also experienced lots of love and prayer from my friends:)

-Just before the May long weekend, I went to Calgary (well, first I went to home the day before..b/c they wanted to go the North route..soo, I got to see the puppies) for my brother Luke's Graduation from ACAD. He has a Bachelor of Art, Photography. It was a short trip..Just me and the fam (Anker stayed home..he had to work), and it was a bit of a crazy trip, but nice to see family, and to support my brother. We also got to meet his girlfriend:) The trip, the south way this time, was a bit more relaxing. Dad showed the kids the the Banff springs hotel, and we stopped a few more places.

-May 30th, we (CCC) had our annual Church picnic. It was a great time, and although not very hot at times (it clouded over for awhile), it was a great afternoon. We also ended up hiking into Margurite Falls, which is spectacular!! You could almost go underneath the falls, and you can definately feel it splashing on your face. We went to Harold Park, in the Shuswap, about an hour and a half away.

-We sadly missed the annual Aveley Ranch picnic. I think it was b/c Anker had to work...but I was very sad we missed it. Next Year, I hope!!

-On June 1st, Anker and I started w/ 6 paper routes (daily papers, and also weekly ones), but we are now down to three, b/c it is just too much, and also, it isn't worth all the gas we were using.

-June 2nd, my friend and I, along w/ her child and dog went and spent a couple of hours at Paul Lake. I love it up there..sooo nice! I hope to go back, as that was only my second time in going..EVER!!

-June 5th, spent a lovely evening w/ some ladies on our church enjoying an outside picnic supper together, and a rousing game of Croquet..again..I think that was the first time I have played it.

-My bday was June 9, and my sister ended up coming to stay w/ me for a few days. On my actual birthday, I had some meetings to go to, and a friend came over for a late dinner. (lamb, of course!!) I scored some nice gifts, and it was a nice day. The next day, she and I went down to Riverside Park, and got KFC meals, and read and relaxed, which was totally fun.

-July 1st, we went down to Riverside Park and enjoyed the Canada Day festivities. It was a VERY hot day, so we found a tree, and got some food, and just enjoyed people watching. We also wandered around to all the booths, etc. We stayed until the fireworks, which were great this year.

-Had some nice dates w/Anker..A movie date (he watched one, I watched another..I was NOT going to sit through, some time at Riverside park...getting ice cream, and going for a walk..and listening to whomever is playing at the band shell that night.

-My brother Joseph, and his wife, Cadence came a few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon..we went to Riverside Park (yes, that is pretty much the ONLY place to go near water), and hung out and relaxed...went to Mino's for supper..YUM!

-My other brother, Adam, and his wife, Krystle, came on Saturday (late) and spent the night, and we all went to church together, which was really nice. Grabbed some food for a picnic in the park (yes, Riverside..AGAIN), and we went swimming (cold), and visited.

-I also started Volunteering once a week at a Seniors' home. Mainly, to get me doing something else, but mainly, to have something on my resume that is current. I have only done it twice (I hope to go this week), but I really like it. If I don't have a job in September, I may go twice/week.

I think that about covers the events. We haven't been home (the ranch) in two months..Actually, I think Anker hasn't been there since Easter, and our plans are to go camping there this weekend. It will be the only time that we can get away....unless we go to the PNE, which we aren't sure yet if we are going. It will be good to go and see the family for a few days.

I was suppose to help w/ VBS this week, and although I may do a bit, I won't be able to do what I wanted...I am sure you heard what happened, through Facebook..but basically, I woke up this past Saturday (and also, in the middle of the night on Saturday) not being able to talk. It was a very scary experience, and I spent all day in ER on Saturday, trying to figure out what happened. I saw my GP today, and it could be a number of things..but they are doing a few more tests to rule anything else out. If you can remember, please pray!

I am still looking (if you can call it that) for work...I really would love to get training, but A) I really don't even know what I want to..combined w/ can we do schooling here, etc, B) Where I am going for work search Counselling, they don't seem to want to train me. I think the Lord wants me to just not worry about it...but I worry...b/c we never seem to have enough..and i don't mean for wants..I mean for needs.

One final thing...Anker finally got his bike up and running. He is very happy about it. It looks great. Not sure if you would get me on it, though!!

Hope to maybe go on a couple of days' holiday w/ Anker's sister, and her family. Not sure what it will entail. Maybe even just meeting at my our parents' place for a few days.

I think that is about it for now...So much for being short...could you please..if you read this..leave a comment? I would love to know if anyone is reading this..thanks:)


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