Friday, July 24, 2009

A Quick Health Report

I thought that I would do a quick (??) health post, since even through Facebook, not alot of people knew (or still know) what is going on with me.

First, I do this, not so that I whine the world (I actually don't know if I want to do, but because I believe that everyone has been very sincere, and asking me how things are going, etc. Also, I don't like repeating myself a bunch of

First, right now, I seem to be doing ok, which is great!! But more on that, later:)

First before I do that, I wanted to just quickly update you on our summer "vacation". We took a quick trip to the ranch to camp there this past weekend. It was good, but it was VERY windy, and we really couldn't have much of a fire, so that was kind of I hope next time, we can do more of a fire, and there will no wind. We will probably go one more time for sure this summer. We may be meeting up w/ his sister and her family for a few days the end of August, at my parents place, which will be nice. We may end up going back to Vancouver, and taking in the PNE. It is just so hard to do anything, not so much financially (although, that is part of it), as it is mainly the time he is able to get away, and getting someone to cover his work, if needed. This is mainly at the Dental Office, and any extra jobs (like he has now). Also, he STILL has the morning papers, which I believe we will get rid of. They really don't make enough, and again, they just keep us tied down. 90% of the year, that is fine, but not the 10 percent you want and need to get away. Ok, sorry..back to our weekend. So, we went up to Wells Gray Park, and just hung out. I read alot, which was nice. My cousin and her family were there, and also a family friend w/ her children there, too, so we were able to see all of them. I was also able to see the puppies, which are now 3 months!! I have pictures of them on Facebook:) We even when to the newly opened A&W which opened, in Clearwater on our way home.

Ok, so just a short update on what happened. On the early morning of July 11 at about 1:30, i was having a coughing spell (more on that later), and I started to say something or move my mouth, when, I suddenly couldn't move it. It freaked me out, but I thought "ok, I must have slept on it wrong, or whatever", but I still was really bothered by it. I finally went back to bed at 2:15, feeling a bit better, but still not 100%. So, the next morning, I tried to get up at about 8 or 9, when I suddenly tried to get out of bed using my arm, and I couldn't get out of bed. I tried to call for Anker, but he was on the computer, and I am sure he thought I was putting the drama on. Again, I couldn't talk. I wont go into any more details, but I will tell you that I thought my Bells Palsy was back. That would have been ok...I mean, not the best, but I could have lived with it. I called my mom, and I could hardly speak to her..I immediately gave the phone to Anker. (I just told her that I thought my BP was back). Basically, she told Anker to take me to hospital, and Anker had to finish up things for VBS (set up), so he drove me down to the hospital, and I sat there for about 3 hours, which really wasn't that long. SOOO..they finally took me back about 2:30, and I was worried that the DR wouldn't take me seriously. Thankfully, he did. He did all sorts of tests, and I got a CT/ECG/Blood work done. By this time, I was feeling a bit better, speech-wise. My friend came down for awhile to sit w/ me, and Anker came later, which I was very glad to see...I was missing him!! The thing that the DR was concerned about was that I couldn't move my tongue to both sides of mouth. All the tests came out negative, which was a relief, but they also had a neurologist see me, which again, he did all the tests, and he wanted me to have an MRI. I still don't have FULL speech usage yet, but it is MUCH better than it was. I have my "good" days and "bad" days, and even when we camping, I seemed to have a good weekend. I have a cousin that is a DR, and she said that they may not ever find a diagnosis...blah! I wass suppose to help w/ VBS the next week, and I sadly didn't end up helping, so I just had a relaxing and quiet week.

I followed up w/ my GP, and I asked him to do a Corotid Artery U/S on my neck...I don't know what is up, but it could have something to do w/ that. He again, did all of his tests, and everything was fine, as well.

My MRI was yesterday, and other than my freaking out before-hand, it went ok. I will know the results next week. I am finding, though, that you really have to stay "on top of them", so they don't lose you in the system. Even my cousin was surprised that they didn't do the U/S in the hospital. I am really missing the Calgary Health System right now. I remember when you could get a minor test in a few days.

The OTHER thing that I have, is an Hiatus Hernia. It's the protrusion (or herniation) of the upper part of the stomach into the thorax through a tear or weakness in the diaphragm. (Yes, that is the Wikipedia's I am having problems eating/sleeping. I am basically learning how to eat far as eating only a little at a time, and not drinking as much (not I am on meds, but I really just want to lose weight, so that is (again) my a few pounds at a time, and no crazy diet, BUT really try to just eat as healthy as I can. Right now, though, I am having a tough time..I won't go through it all, but it really just gets me down, and I am tired, and it is hard for me to do much excerising, b/c w/ HH, it feels like someone is sitting on top of you, and/you feel like you have just had a big turkey dinner. I also have a hard time sleeping at night, and I was doing ok, before we went away, and I am doing a bit better now, sleep-wise. I also cough quite alot, (esp at night, when I lay down) which is frustrating. When we went camping, I had to sleep out in the car, so I didn't disturb Anker. I didn't have enough pillows, I guess. BUT I am determined to lose a bit of this weight, and I hope that it will go away. Yes, it could be also a b/c of what happened when I was baby, and all the stuff that went on there, and abdominal problems, when they put it all back in.

Well, that's enough about me....

Anker is STILL having problems w/ his knee and sees a specialist (and orthopedist, I think) in August. So, yes, we are quite the pair.

On a good note, Anker has gotten another contract for 6 weeks (once/wk) for the summer, so that should help a bit. I am not even THINKING of looking for least until my speech is normal a few days in a row, and until I get my MRI results back. If it is all normal, then I will have to go "great guns" in trying to get a job. The one thing that I find VERY frustrating, is that I don't have any current education, and with my disabilities (not being on my feet for along time, having problems with retail cash transactions), makes things difficult. Hopefully, things will look up in September, or even before.

Well, I guess that does it for me tonight. TWO entries in one MONTH..SHOCKING!!

We are celebrating 2 years of wedding bliss on July 27:)

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