Summer Gone, Already???

Hello, Everyone!!

I can't believe summer is ALMOST over...I feel like I haven't really done much this summer. I have been to the beach only a few times, and we have only been camping Oh well...there's always next summer. I was going to wait until I saw the neurologist before I posted, but it has been over a month since I have updated the blog:)

I guess the first thing to say is that I am pretty much 100% better from my "stroke". I still have no idea what it was, hence the appointment w/ the neuro. next week, but I am pretty much better...on one hand, I am SO happy, but on the other, I am still mystified by what happened, and if I still had it, then maybe they could figure out what it was. I guess it is was just a "freak" thing that happened, but will know for sure when we see him next week. It was awhile before I could se him, b/c he was away on summer holidays, etc. I still have the numbing in my left leg, which comes a lot more then it used to, and my right hand, mainly when I am on the computer, gets all twitchy, so will talk to him about that as well.

The next cool thing is that it looks like I have a job!! I found one of my "old" school chums from my Birch Island days on Facebook, and started talking, and I found out that she has moved back to Kamloops. We got together for coffee one day, and I found out that she is needing a babysitter for when she starts work. She is a nurse, and hopes to get a position at the hospital, and when she does, I will be working full time, too!! Right now, she has another part time job, so I will be working she needs someone..hopefully about 2-3 days/wk. I am SO excited..and a bit relieved, since we are SO behind on our bills, and our car needs work on it desperately!!

We really haven't had much of a summer, fun-wise. Like I said, we only went "away" (to my parents) once, ok twice, this summer, and even I haven't gone swimming much. His sister and her family are coming this weekend, and they are staying here, on Friday, then we are all going to my parents, where they will stay at my parents' B&B, and we will camp. It should be a fun weekend, where we will probably go to Wells Gray, and maybe to the beach!!

It has also been a bit of a stressful summer, money-wise. Just not enough money to do even the fraction of what we want to do. Also, Anker didn't get his week off like he did last we didn't get to go away, or even just stay at home and do day trips. He IS getting a few days off this weekend, only b/c we got someone to clean for him at the Dental centre. The church is still in summer-mode, so it is okay if he leaves for a few days. Also, not finding any jobs, and my health didn't make it the greatest summer, either.

We did have a nice 2 yr anniversary, though. I just relaxed all day, and we went to a Mongolian Grill restaurant, which was really nice. Neither of us had been there before, so it was a new experience for both of us. We came home and watched "Speed" together. That was our night.

My HH seems to be ok, but I still can't do a lot of walking, esp up hills, althought THAT is due to my NOT being in shape. Walking has always been "my thing", I loved it, and I could walk fairly fast. Not sure what has happened, but even slight inclines make my legs are sore. BUT I am trying to do a bit walk every day, or at least every other day, to help strengthen them. I am also losing a bit of weight, I had lost almost 6 pounds, but I gained back two, so I hope I have lost, or at least not gained when I weigh myself today!! The one thing about my hernia that is helping me to lose a bit, is that I have to eat little meals through out the day, not three big meals. Of course, sometimes I eat a bit more, then I pay for

The baby-making is on hold for now...until we get a bit more financially stable (whatever that, and until my cycles are a bit more regular. More on that at another time.

We finally gave up our newspaper routes. Anker still has the daily one in the morning, but the afternoon ones we just gave up. It really wasn't worth it, money-wise, and it was just tying us down. I may pick on up later in the fall, if we find one that is close to us, etc.

On August 6-9, I took a few days and went to my parents. I was getting cabin fever, and NEEDED to get away. First though, we four sisters had a nice sisters day. We went swimming, had lunch, went shopping, and watched a movie (The Proposal, the second time for me..I love that movie). It was the first time we had all gotten together like this in a was fun being together, and just relaxing. The plan is to do something that we each want to do. So, that evening,I got a ride home with them, and just spent Friday just hanging out and reading, and swimming in the pool. It was such a nice day!! Becoming Shiloh music festival started that weekend, but I didn't have plans to go, so I just hung out at home. Anker was bored, and he missed me, I guess, so he came out on Saturday. We made supper for everyone, since they were at the festival all day, and would be going back for the evening, and that was really fun. We had a nice evening, just he and I. Saw the puppies, which had grown SO MUCH. We went for a walk, and caught up with Joseph and Cadence, and we visited w/ them. Sunday, we went to church, which was being held at Shiloh, and it was a great service. The Lord was definitely there!! Had lunch w/ Jill and her family, which was really nice. So, that was that weekend.

I think that is pretty much it for now....lots of little things going on, but not really exciting enough for a blog, I don't think. I tried to start on the book "Twilight", but I just can't get into it. I may just watch the movie first.

Well, that's all for now:) Have a great weekend, everyone!!

I think Anker and I are going to my great aunts 80th bday on Labour Day weekend in Salmon Arm. It sounds like it is going to be a mini-reunion, so I am really looking forward to that!!

PS..I forgot to mention about our August long weekend. On Saturday, Anker and I went to the Farmer's Market together for the first time. It wasn't a long time spent, but we got some great fruits and veggies. On Sunday, Anker and I were invited to our friends who live right by the river. We had a great time riding their boat, and I went swimming in the river (with a life jacket on, of course!!), and I had a great time. Anker enjoyed it too...had a great supper outside, and a great visit!!


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