Hi Everyone:)

I have been debating about whether to change the settings of this blog to public, so that I can get more I am still not sure how to upload pics, nor do I know how to make a link to other blogs I frequent. If someone can help me, please do so!!

So..I came across a blog last night (through a friend of a friend, and yes I was bored), and I was very moved. A beautiful family. Three beautiful girls. About to have another. Then at her 20 wk u/s discover that the baby they want so dearly will not live when she is born. How does one cope with that? Alot of grace, and alot of faith. What an amazing family, with an amazing story. The blog was public, and her story is known around the world...this tiny little baby has left this amazing legacy!! The point of this story (other than that I was moved) was that they trusted God. So, that got me much do we really trust/rely on God??

I have been having some "Trust Issues" w/ God lately. Just wondering what He has for us! What are His long range plans?? I don't see them. I see just the regular day grind..which isn't bad, but just wondering if He has more? Sometimes, I worry about things, that, as Anker puts it, I really don't need to worry about. Money, a bigger house, babies (yes, I had to put that in there). But really, do I need to worry about things? No, I shouldn't. I just need to trust and rely on God and provide EVERYTHING that we NEED!!! Like last week, things were really tight, as they always are...and we had to go to my parents house for the weekend (more on that later), and I was worrying on how we would get the gas to get out..(yes, things are that tight), amongst other things. Then, Wed (not sure of the day), I open the mail and there was my GST chq that I TOTALLY forgot was due to come this week. I NEVER forget when money is supposed to come! YAY!! That is just something simple, that totally made realise that God has bigger plans, and God is bigger than us!! But more than that, that God is watching and looking out for us!! Anyway..I hope this is an encouragement to anything you are going through.

Ok..enough of the deep thoughts!! I know it has been awhile since I have written...:) I am really not sure where to start....

I guess I will start w/ this past weekend. We had a great time at my parents place. They are lambing, so of course, it was a hub-bub of activity. They are also doing Agri-tourism, so that makes things REALLY busy!! I mainly was outside, w/ one of my aunts, as a greeter. Sadly, the weather wasn't as nice as it could have (and should in my opinion, but at least it didn't snow!! I had to get my winter jacket out, that was still in the came in very handy. It rained and was VERY cold on Sunday. On Saturday, it wasn't quite as bad, but still not really warm. I got some great shots...and I have posted them to my Facebook account. On Saturday, they had organized an Easter Egg hunt. I think they had about 40 kids come out to that. It was a hit, and the kids got TONS of loot. On Sunday, we had a lovely Service, and since everyone is too busy to go to church, they have "Shepherd's Chapel", in which they hold a short half hour service in usually the tea house, but since we had a Youth Group from the Coast helping us for the weekend, we had it outside w/ a bonfire. After they left, mom had organized a staff kids EE hunt. Some of the adults got in on it, too!! Anker spent most of the weekend working on yet another outhouse..this time, above the road, near where they are going to make a small camping site. The rest of the day went well..but COLD. We did get some visitors, which was very surprising. In the late afternoon, I went and wandered around, taking pictures, and cuddling the lambs. Had a nice Easter Dinner of Lamb (of course!!), and then we made our way home.

In March, Anker and I took two trips to my parents place. One was for my sisters bday, which was fun. It was a cold weekend, and there was still snow (there still, actually, but not much). The second to last weekend of March, we went, as Anker was to help John w/ a project. We had to get the car looked at, so I stayed in Clearwater, and I visited my friend Jill. I hadn't seem them since they moved, and it was great to see their house. I sure miss her here, though!!

I am still doing Sunday School the first week of the month, and Anker had just started Ushering. I am really happy about that. He actually hasn't done it yet, since his first week, was this last, and we were at the he had to switch w/ someone. Our life is pretty quiet, really. I wish in a way, that we went out more, but we really don't have alot of money to be going out all the time. We do what we can, though.

As for the jobs..nothing much has happened. I am getting interviews, though...just not much coming from them. I hope things turn around soon. I did send off two resumes last week, so maybe I will hear back from them this week. Anker is still working at both jobs. The dental office that he works at is moving a block down the street, into a bigger building, so he will be re-negotiating his contract, which will be good.

I am looking forward to the CCC's ladies retreat Mother's Day long weekend. I am being "sponsored" for the third year in a row...and I very humbled by this. I didn't ask (of course not!), nor did I expect it. It will be at Sunnybrae Bible Camp, so it will be a bit more rustic than the last two years (that i have gone), but it supposed to be really nice. Looking forward to spending time w/ the ladies, and going somewhere different.

I also got my hair highlighted the other week. I really love it...a friend from the church did it, so she gave me a nice discount, which was nice. My family got to see it last weekend (I didn't tell them), and although it took most of them all wknd to notice it..they finally did, and the consences was that they liked it. It was the first time I have had it done this way, and only the 3rd time EVER I have had it dyed.

Anker is getting his bike all ready for the spring/summer. He is SO excited about it, and it is fun seeing his so happy about something he really loves to do (even if I do get bored w/ all of his "bike talk" He rode dad's bike last weekend, and you would have thought someone gave him a million bucks, he was SO happy!! He needs to get his learners and then drivers for the bike, since he doesn't have it anymore (long story), so that will take a bit of time..but I am sure he will do great.

Well, I think that about does it for now!! I hope everyone has a wonderful spring. I also hope that I don't take too long to update this blog. I often don't know what to write, as I don't want to write things that bore everyone!!

Keep on trusting..and please leave a comment!!


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