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Here are a few of my (moving) favourites  this week...

I was going to talk about a few random favourites, like Nutella pockets and Tim's, and on how I finally got my free drink at Starbucks, but since we have just done a move, I will blog about some of my moving faves that we experienced this week:

1. Our new place.

We moved this (or rather last) week. I had been at my last place for over 8 years. It was time for a move. We love it. It has a spare room, a yard, and lamenant flooring. So far, the neighbours seem nice. It has a country feel out here, which we both love. I am from the country, and although I love the city, as I get older, I am loving the peace and quiet even more. I will post pictures soon.

2. Movers.

Honestly, I don't know what we would have done if we hadn't hired movers. I had booked off the last wknd of May, since that was when we originally were planning on moving, so when this place came up, and we knew we had to take it, we decided to get movers. They were wonderful. We felt very grown up.

3. Friends/Family.

Friends and family came out and helped clean, pack and unpack our stuff. It was such a blessing!!

4. Lieu Day.

If I hadn't taken (and gotten) a lieu day, I am pretty sure that I would still be cleaning. I thanked Jesus over and over all day Thursday (my lieu day), that I didn't have to go to work at/for 3:30.

5. Bins

Buy them. Pack them. Keep them. Use them.

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