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I have promised pictures of our new place, and I keep But I thought I would do a quick post on/about it.

We have been here for a month, and we LOVE it! I am finding that we do hear more "floor/wall" noise, but it has generally been quieter than our old place.

So, without further are the pics (please excuse the mess...we are not super-clean people, and we certainly weren't when these pictures were taken).

                                      I think I have posted this new favourite spot.
                         Our bedroom. Please excuse the creams and foot lotions. And the cords.
 Our bedroom is SO MUCH bigger...well, it feels like it's twice as big. Lots of room! And yes I forgot, to clean up a bit before taking this..just keeping it real, people.
 Anker found this wood futon frame on Kijjjji for $30. We had thrown our last metal one away. We love this one.
 Our spare room. Yes, it's a junk room. But at least we can close the door. And yes, we are planning on going through it while I am on vacay. Maybe. If I can fit it in btwn my lying around time.
             Our bathroom. We have since put up a shower curtain, and I have organized it a bit more.
                                                         Our kitchen. Lots more storage.
                                                                  Our living room.
 Our dining area. Still don't sit at the table for/during meals, but when I do sit there, there's lots of light.
                                                        The other half of our kitchen.
                                               The other half of our living room.
                                                                     Our yard.
Looking towards the road. I love on how the fence is so high you can't look into your neighbours' yards. The brick wall is the mini storage unit, which is right next to us.

So, there you have it!! I hope you have enjoyed the "tour".

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The Flynnigans said…
Hello from a fellow Canadian. :)

I love the privacy you have out back, that's so important. Some neighbours can be way too overbearing or nosey and it's nice to be able to relax in your space without worrying what's going on next door. Far too many neighbours are way too nosey, in my opinion.

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