Duchess Kate has a baby. Honestly, could she ***LOOK*** any more gorgeous?? I love the name they have chosen...and Charlotte is simply adorbs. And let's talk about on how ADORABLE Big Brother George was, looking so much like his daddy, and rocking those tube socks!!!

Can we just please talk about Grey's? Ugh. I can't believe the PD is gone. BOO. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised, as he had been talking about leaving for awhile. I hated on how Meridith left with the kids, and didn't tell anyone, but I guess she felt that she had to do it; to heal.

My blogger friend Kelly had a little boy last month. He is so adorable, and he has two wonderful big sisters to help raise him! Go on over and wish her and her family congrats! My other blogging friend Patricia had her baby a couple of weeks ago, a girl, named Amelia. I am sure there are a few other bloggers that I follow that have had babies..including Jessica, but I don't follow them quite as close as I do others...soooo...that is why I only highlighted those two (ok three).

I watch too much TV. We were talking with my brother and SIL the day, and telling them about what shows we watch, and she says "wow, you watch a lot of tv". Yup, she's right. That's not even including the TLC shows that we used to watch (we no longer get TLC anyway...boo). At any rate, yes, we do....which again doesn't include the movies, and extra stuff that we watch. But I tend to watch it long stretches, so as not to totally waste time. I am two weeks behind in DWTS, and 5 wks behind in CTM...and we have to catch up on AD,Y&R, JJ, and Remedy, Big Bang (our PVR was unhooked, so we watched GA on CTV's website, and will have to do the same with Big Bang), and I watched Amazing Race today. One of my favourite teams were eliminated. So sad. Hubby also watches shows that I have no (real) interest in. I will sometimes catch FOREVER, and maybe MOTIVE, but that's about all. But yes, we do watch a bit too much tv.

Hubby is back working at the church a few days a week. It gets him out, and gives him something to do. Even he was saying that he was bored.

We have a yard, people. A yard! I am determined that this will greatly improve our marriage. Hubby has already spent more money than he should getting it going.

Have I mentioned that I love where we live? I love on how it feels so country. Across the road there is a therapautic riding club, and we are very close to the airport, but we can see the stars at night...and actually hear birds (well, we heard birds at the last place, too). There isn't a lot of traffic (we are near the end of the road, close to the airport), so that is good, and our place is quite insulated, so we actually don't hear a lot, anyway. As I am writing this, I can see the moon through the blinds. We also have SO MUCH light! And I love our deep bath tub. I love that we can have people over. We hope to do this a lot. I felt like I could never have anyone over, especially in the last few years; our place was always a mess, and it got very crowded; mostly with Anker's stuff.

That is enough randomness for now....:)


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