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I thought I would do a post on my tips for moving. And I thought I would also link up for this wks LFBH. You know, to kill two birds with one stone.

Like I had mentioned before, I had been at my last place for over 8 years. And this was the first move that Anker and I had done together, and we have been married for almost 8 years, so you can imagine on how much stuff we have accumulated. So, here are a few tips that I have rounded up since this last move.

1. Start Early (but not too early).

People told us to start packing early. I think there is a fine line btwn starting early enough to not make you go insane, and not too early, so that you are walking around boxes. I think we started a week or so early, and that was plenty of early for us. I have always started by packing my CD's, movies, and books first. Then I move on to knick knacks, and go from there. I am by no means a packing Queen (anymore!), but that is what I have discovered works for me.

2. Buy some Bins.

My brother and his family used bins, and we kind of made fun of them for doing that, but in all honesty, it works! I wouldn't buy a ton of them, though, as they are costly, and although great for storing stuff, are a bit bulky. But definitely get a few if you can. We find that Rubbermaid works the best. Adam and his family also have some see-through ones. They were very sweet, and let us borrow a few that they weren't using, which helped.

3. Don't Use your Dishes

While/when you're unpacking/packing, don't use dishes. My SIL told me to buy some plastic plates, cups and utensils, which are a great life saver. Go to the dollar store and grab a few. You'll thank me later. Or, better yet, go out for dinner.

4. Label, Label, Label.

Nothing needs to be said here. Label a box that says "open me first", with things that you will be wanting ASAP; meds, alarm clocks. We didn't do this, and we wish we had. Label boxes instead of items with in which rooms they should go in.

5. Don't Pack Random Stuff... the same box. Yes, I did this. I may have packed a slipper and cooking oil in the same box. at the end, you just don't care, but try not to do this (except for what I said above). Pack the heavy stuff in small boxes/bins, and the lighter stuff in larger boxes/bins.

6. Have one Person at each End.

I am sure this is a given, but it helps when you have one person at the old place, and one person at the new place (ok, this would only work if you're moving within the same radius/town, etc..unless of course, if one person is already at the new place in the new town, etc). We both started at our old place, and then Anker went to the new place to meet the movers. He helped organized (and did a great job!) at telling them where stuff should go. I stayed behind in/at our old place and packed, etc. Also make sure you each have a cell phone with you (preferably yours).

7. Take Time off work.

If you can, take time off from work. I cannot tell you the amount of times when I didn't, and it wasn't fun, so this time, I took a day off, which helped immensely. I would also suggest that you don't work the wknd after you move and clean.

8. Hire Movers

If you can, hire movers. End of story. Friends with trucks are hard to come by, and everyone has such a busy life, that rarely will there be anyone to help you. Just hire them already.

9. Move Out stuff before you clean.

Just trust me. You`ll thank me later. You`re welcome.

10. Clean and move on Different Days.

Again; trust me; you`ll thank me later. It just is better. It makes sense. Or better yet, hire someone to clean your place for you. If we had had the money, I think we would have done this.

I think that is all my tips on moving for now. I am sure there are more, but I have a day of errands, ahead of me, so I will end here. I hope that helps. It was also great that we didn't have any pets or kids to worry about. ..however..

If you do have pets (coming from hubby)..

1. Have an appropriate Pet Carrier for the move.

2. Give the pet a chance to explore the place first before you bring all the stuff in.

3. Put Fluffy for Fido in a room that is not being used for moving; close the door, and move things around that room (if possible).

As far as moving with kids...

Krystle and H came over and although H was very bored, he did help us by crushing boxes, and putting small things away. And hubby's Mac helped.

...and as far as unpacking....

Get the kitchen unpacked first. Get up your stereo, tv/dvd, etc. Then you have something to listen to while you unpack. Unpack your bedroom ASAP. Yes, I am still walking around boxes, and it has been nearly a week. I blame working this wknd. Unpack a box/bin a day. If you can, keep all your stuff in a room/corner so that they don't clutter up your house...

...and on moving day..

Move your boxes/bins outside, which will help you realize that you really have done more than you think you have (during packing, put the boxes/bins in a corner or room to ease the obstacle course). It also clears up space.

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