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Yes, I am still alive :) I haven't felt like blogging lately, mainly b/c I have been enjoying this weather, but also b/c I haven't had much to say. Shocking, I know! But all is (mostly) well in the W household.

Hubby hasn't been feeling well this week, so we have been kind of laying low. I worked last wknd (our holiday LW), and Monday, my brother and future SIL were coming into town, so I met up with them at A and K's house. H said some cute things. I love on how he is trying to figure out family; who is, and why. I got to read him a story, and we had a short visit, until I had to leave for work. Tuesday, I had a small procedure done at the hospital, and I relaxed most of the day. We made supper together, which was fun, and relaxed in the evening, and we got caught up on our TV shows. Wednesday, I mainly stayed home. I did run out in the morning to grab a few things, then I came home and made French Toast, and stayed home, lazed around. Thursday, I went out ran a few errands, and sat outside at McD's and read magazines for awhile. I came home and cleaned up, as my Aunt and Uncle were coming over to see our new place. They brought over ice cream treats from DQ. We had a nice visit, and they left, and we had spaghetti for supper, and just relaxed. Yesterday was pay day, and after doing my FB game, and doing who knows what, I went off to grab a weed eater for the yard, and dropped it off, then went back out to run a few more errands, then it was off to work! So, them there's the highlights of the week!!

Here are a few things that I am loving this week...

1. Warmer Weather.

That's hit 31C the other day. We have brought out the fans, as well as the cold packs. We're happy little campers.

Here are just a few of screen shots that I got of the temps

2. Things for our House.

Hubby and I found a really good (at least we think so) deal on a weed eater (does anyone else think, when, they hear/say wee wacker/eater, they immediately think of what's his name from Over the Hedge saying "The Weed Wacker, Vern". Cracks me up, every.single.time)! Hubby played with it yesterday, and he says it worked really well. I also bought a faker Swiffer from Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday. Anker just quickly used it for a few minutes last night when I got home from work, and he says it worked great.

3. New Clothes.

Well, ONE clothing item. My aunt gave me money for my birthday (it's next month), and she knew I wanted some capri pants, and the best ones (though they are expensive) are at Penningtongs (aka: the fat ladies store), so I went up there (it is now up, since we have moved down to another area of town...they used to be down from us) to find a pair, and I LOVE them!!! I very nearly bought a t-shirt that I LOVED, but I couldn't justify paying $26 for one, when I could buy a $7 one from Wal-Mart. So I just settled on/with/for the pants.

4. Watermelon.

I don't usually buy watermelon, b/c they are usually so expensive, and I never know if they are going to be any good, but I bought one last week, for $6, and it was the best $6 I had ever spent. It was SO delish!

5. New Recipes.

I had a small procedure done at/in the hospital on Tuesday, and while I was having it done, hubby was looking through a Canadian Living Magazine and saw this recipe for Kale and Potato Cake recipe. They were SO good!

There is also a paprika and mayo sauce, which was delish, too.

Then on Wednesda, I made Crumpet French Toast. It was VERY GOOD!

Well, that's what happened in our little world this week!!

****Regarding what has happened with the Duggars in the past 48 hours, instead of judging them, let's try to remember them in prayer****

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