Five on Friday/Oh Hey, Friday

Happy Friday, Friends!!

I have been away from the blog-osphere for awhile. Mainly because I have been busy, and just not into blogging. But, I am back!

So, here we go with this weeks, favourites,

1. A new niece!

She was actually born two weeks ago, but I didn't include it in my last Friday post that I did, and I didn't do a Friday post last week. So, she will go into this weeks post. Lilah Marjorie was born on Jan 9 to my brother Luke and his wife and their daughter Norah. She is just precious, and I CANNOT wait to see her!!! Sadly, it will probably be awhile, since they live on the Island (about 8 hours away). I am trying to get some of my family members go on a road trip. So far, no one as taken the bait. LOL.

2. Birthday Parties!

My friend Lynda had her birthday on Jan 9, but we weren't able to get together until last Friday. We went Dorian Greek House, where the food and service is usually awesome. This last time (I have only gone maybe 4 times) however, wasn't that great. More on that later. The time spent with friends, however, was great.

Then on Wednesday, my brother Adam had his birthday. Anker and I went for cake and a visit. We had a wonderful time, just visiting and spending time together.

3. Gift Certificates.

Honestly, it pays to ask restaurants and businesses in the community to give you a gift card/certificate, saying that you are the only personal blogger in town, and saying that you would give a review for a (sort of) free meal. And it also works to complain. Because of the service and my food being cold last Friday, I went on their page to complain, and they turn are sending me a GC. Not sure on how much it is yet (still waiting for it to arrive), but I am very excited!!

4. New PJ's 

Hubby and I both have new PJ's that we got from Mark's Work Wearhouse. Hubby's sister usually gives us GC's from there for Christmas, and this year was no different. I love that place. I also love PJ's. When I was younger, I used to spend many dollars on PJ's. I still love them, but I don't spend as much as I would like. But I decided that I would get a new pair. I also asked hubby what he wanted, and thought maybe some new PJ bottoms for him. I found a set for him that were less than just the bottoms. So I got him a very nice pair of red pj's. The top is long sleeves, and the bottoms are plaid. Mine are a pair of (what else!) pink ones. I have a long sleeves shirt, with a pair of plaid bottoms, and I also discovered that they have a pair of shorts! I think we both look very nice in them. We may or may not have worn them the same night, b/c I asked him to wear his. Maybe.

5. Cheezies

I have become addicted to infatuated with Cheezies. Not the fakers, either. No siree. These are the TRUE Canadian-made Cheezies. I may or may not be eating nearly a whole bag a day! There is something about them that are so good. So...cheezy! I have always loved them, but I started getting a craving for them the other day, and it hasn't stopped.

5.1 Good TV is Back/shomi
Well, Saving Hope never really stopped. Or did it? Grey's, Big Bang, Downton Abbey. I am also gotten into (again) 2 Broke Girls. I actually really do like it. We also have a three month free trial of of shomi. Hubby loves it, I am still not sure if I like it enough to spend an extra $8.99 a month. However, 2 Broke Girls  (which is how I got started on it again) is on there, along with some other shows, so we shall see. But like Netflix, I am sure that it will get better. I also love that it's Canadian (it's like Netflix, but for your TV, which was kind of cool).

Well, that is it for this week!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful wknd! I will try and do more of an update on our lives this wknd!

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