Five on Friday/Oh, Hey, Friday

Happy Sunday!

Yea, a couple of days late...oh well.

Here is what I came up with for my five faves this week...

1. Christmas Nights Out:

Refer to my last post for more information.

2. Bible Reading Plans.

I have been a You Version Bible App lover for a couple of years now, and I have just started in the last few months doing some reading plans. I don't read them every day, but I LOVE having the plans as a way to read the Bible without not being bored.
I am reading 3.5. right now. I also just finished A Christmas Story Plan. The .5 is one that I started at Easter, and I didn't finish it. I will finish it sometime.

3. Baking Days (which turn into late night baking nights).

The other day (Wednesday, I think?), I spent the day baking. I baked three batches of cookies; Gingerbread, Shortbread, and Russian Tea Cakes. They were all so good.

                                           Don't they look tasty? I think so. So does hubby.
4. Late Nights.

I am convinced that I am part owl. Or something. I spent Wednesday night in front of our Christmas tree, Facebooking my sister. I also had a glass of Eggnog and a cookie (or two). I also YT Christmas medley of music playing. Before that, I also watched a couple of Christmas movies. Thanks, W Network! What an great time I had!

 5. Hubby

Hubby has been feeling quite well this week. He has gone out every single day (a big thing for him!), and we have had some great talks.

5.1. Work

After 11 days of no work, I FINALLY got a couple of shifts over this past wknd. Yay! Christmas money!

Well, that's how I saw the world through my eyes this week!

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