Monday Morning Gossip/Weekend Wrap UP

Joining up with Leeann at Join The Gossip, for Monday Morning Gossip! This is also where/when I talk about my weekend, whether you like it or not! Ha!

So, here goes....

Like I said, Friday, I spent a few hours with H and my brother, and a while later my SIL. We wandered around, found a coat, and ate fries. Fun times. I ran a few errands...I got a few things out of our storage to take to mom and dad, who are storing some of our stuff, so we could get rid of our storage. I then went shopping and found not only one coat, but two coats for $21! I came home and and made spaghetti for supper, then relaxed.
                                                    Spaghetti by candlelight. Beautiful.

We watched TV, and then my friend called around 9 to see if I wanted to come over. We hung out in the evening, and watched "A Christmas Story".  Love that movie. Came home around 12:30 or, and Facebooked, and watched TV for a bit, and finally went to bed around 1 am.

Saturday, I missed a call from work (oops!), which I felt bad about, but by the time I called them back, it was too late. I relaxed for most of the day. I went to Starbucks at around noon, cause I didn't do my "Friday Routine" on Friday. Amy @ The Farmer's Wife gave me the idea to do this:
 This was actually last weeks People mag, but I hadn't had time to fully read it yet. And when I saw this on another blog (Reese and a People Mag), I totally wanted to do that...well, mainly just have the chocolate bar. Ha!

                                        Salted Caramel Mocha and Magazines=Pure Bliss!

Sunday, I went to church, and then my friends took me out to lunch to Milestones, where I had this:

That's right, folks...and I ate almost all of it. It's called the "Knife and Fork French Toast". Yum!

I went to meet my friend for coffee, at, where else, Starbucks. I had my Eggnog's always a hit with me. Actually, it wasn't as sweet as it normally was, and I didn't even ask for it half-sweet, so I guess that's good.

I ran a couple of errands on the way home, and then sat on our bed, and watched 3.5 movies, and FB'd, Blogged, etc. Loved it. Oh, and hubby watched the Grey Cup, where the Stamps won.

So that was our weekend. Not overly exciting, but it was a good one!


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