Five on Friday/Weekly Update

Hello, Friends! I hope u had a great wknd. My/our wknd was pretty sweet. Nothing too exciting, but not too boring, either, which is good. But I will update you on my wknd tomorrow.

My week went pretty well. We are struggling in a few areas a bit, but God is good, and I am thankful to have lots of family and friends I/we can rely on.

It seems that this week was a busy one. I was always going somewhere or doing something.  I worked a night shift Monday night, which was good. I don't normally like doing them, but this one actually went pretty well.

Here are a few of my highlights of my week:

1. Date Nights

Monday, hubby and I had our flu shots together. I know. Fun times. We then ran to the dollar store, to grab a few things. I then went home to take a nap, since I found out at 10 that morning that I had to work. I managed to sleep a few hours. We then grabbed supper at McDonald's before we went to see Mocking Jay, Part 1. I already had bought the tickets the day before, so we really couldn't get out of NOT going (I guess I could have try to sell them on one of our FB selling groups, but Anker did really want to go), so off we went. It was a good movie, actually, and even though I lost sleep by going, I am glad that we got to spend some time together.

2. Christmas Parties!

On Tuesday night, our ladies Bible study at church had our Christmas party. I already have posted pictures, but I thought I would mention it anyway, b/c it was one of my highlights. We had a lovely time. Lots of fun food, fellowship, and gifts. Due to the weather, only 15 people came, but it was still a great time.
                                                                        The food!!
                        The tree with the gifts. We were each told to buy a gift worth $15
                                                          I loved their centrepieces
                                                  All of us singing some carols.


Ok, I really don't like it when a big dump of snow hits, but it was pretty to look at.  I also conquered my fear of driving in the snow. I HATE winter driving, especially at night. So, every time I do drive, and I don't get into some sort of accident, I kind of feel like a rock star!

4. Baking Afternoons.

I spent Wednesday afternoon (after the big dump of snow) making cookies. We had such a fun time. We made two batches, whipped shortbread, and raspberry (plum) thumb print cookies. Yummy.

5. Spending time with H

I got to spend time with H two times this week. Wednesday afternoon, while we baked, and Friday, morning, I met him and Adam at the mall. We had a fun time. I helped him find a coat, and we shared some fries. Fun times.

5.1 Black Friday Sales

Even though we don't have Thanksgiving in November, Canada has taken to having Black Fridays the last few years. I personally think it's a bit ridiculous, but I guess if you really need something, then I guess that is a good time to get it. I got two coats at a local thrift store for $21! I did take pictures, but they didn't turn out well, so I will have hubby take some more again.

5.2 Getting things Done.

I spent a couple of days this week cleaning and getting rid of stuff...and I also went to our storage shed to try to clean most of it out. It sure feels good to throw stuff/give stuff away. Even hubby cleaned up in and around his computer, and around all our plants.  I also watched The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I actually found it a bit boring this year. I have watched it every year for the last few years..mostly b/c I want to see Santa at the end..and b/c I am 1/4 American.

Just a bit more on my week...Thursday night, my friend K and I went out to the Light in the Night Christmas tree event in town. The stores were open late, free hot chocolate, extra stuff going on, and they lit up the tree in the square. We were planning on going for a couple of hours, but her dog didn't really enjoy all the attention, so we just went into a couple of shops, and then went to London Drugs, and then grabbed some supper. I went up to her place after to help her dye her hair. It was a fun evening. Like I said, I spent a lot of time on Thursday cleaning up our place. I have two bags to give away, and probably more that I SHOULD give away...I also gave away a bag already. We also put up our Christmas tree yesterday...well, "up" is all it is...with a few lights that somehow got left on it from last year. But hey, it's up! Anker and I also put up the lights outside.

 The centre of our balcony. The middle tree is what Anker brought to our marriage. It's butt-ugly, but I insist we put it up every year. AND IT STILL WORKS!
                                             The left side (looking out) of our balcony.
                                                     The right side of our balcony.
                 We bought this tree a week or so ago from our neighbour. We love it!

I think that pretty much covers the week that I do wish to share (that you all wouldn't find boring).

Here is a couple of pictures from our Thursday evening stroll downtown.
                                                                  I loved their tree.
 One of the shops we went into had a model train set, and some of the toys were inspired by/from "A Christmas Story".

Hope you all had a great week/end!

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Well, it is now 9:24 pm..hours from when I started this, which is weird, since FoF posts usually don't take very long. I am on my 4th TV movie (2nd Christmas one), though I don't think I started this post when I started my first movie (at 4pm). But, it has still taken me awhile.


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