Phone Photo Dump

Well, it's not so much of a phone dump, as a post-photos-to-Facebook-then-save-them-to-my-laptop-dump. But you get the picture.

On November 11, my friend and I took a drive to a small community 20 minutes away. She is a property manager, and she had to check on a few houses, so she asked if I wanted to come with her (I think I actually asked her, but same difference).

Here are some pictures from that day...
                                                      The day was gorgeous!
                               The view of Kamloops Lake from inside one of the properties.
                                                                  Another view.

Afterwards, we went for a bite to eat. I really wanted to try the Holiday Turkey Sandwich at Starbucks. I was a bit disappointed, mainly b/c it was so dry, but it was still good.

Last Saturday, I spent time re-arranging our room, and also did I bit of Christmas decorating.
 I actually have had this display up all yea;; but I have just started turning the lights on. I also changed up a few things.
 I bought this homemade wreath at a school craft fair last week, and since we already have a wreath on the (inside) of our door, and it has lights with it, we (or rather I) decided to put in our room. Loved the results.
                                         The side view of our Christmas display (the top part.
A picture of the full display. I know, I am no Martha Stewart, but hey, it works for us.

On Tuesday, our church's Ladies Bible Study had our Christmas Party.  Only 15 came, which was a bit disappointing, but it was still a great time anyway.

                                                      Some of the pretty decorations.

I have more pictures on my camera that I still have to upload to my computer.

We also had a light dusting of snow the other day.

On Wednesday, we got our first BIG DUMP of snow of the season. Oh goody. It started out as freezing rain on my way home from our Christmas party. When my friend/neighbour told me that it had snowed 8", I thought she was exaggerating, but when I stepped outside..I knew she hadn't exaggerating one bit.

              This was actually taken later that night.The snow had still not melted off the trees.
                                                          Our railing at a lot of snow!

                                                        At least it was pretty.
This is looking out from our balcony to the complex below. Yup. It snowed, alright!
Well, those are the photos from my phone! I do have a few more pictures, but those will be going alone with my FoF post.


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