Mish Mash

Yes, I am still alive!! I realize that I hadn't blogged in TWO WEEKS!! I just have either been too busy, too lazy, or just haven't really felt the blogging buzz. So, I thought I would start this rainy Monday with a bit of a mish mash kind of post.

This last wknd I worked, which was fun, but VERY tiring. I worked 12 hours both days, so, I pretty much just worked, slept and ate. I did start my weekend off with a McD's breakfast and Peppermint Mocha...SO GOOD!

Our Halloween was meh, since we don't have any kids. We don't usually get any kids at our door, either. My friend and her family came, and brought US treats, so that was nice. I made a chicken dish, and we watched a few movies. I know. Exciting. I did get a little tired of seeing everyone's kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes filling up my newsfeed. Ugh. I DID love seeing my lil niece dressed up as a duckling, though!

Wednesday, Anker and I helped with our church's Family Fall Fair. It was really fun, and lots of kids showed up. Every year it seems to be better, this year was no exception. I dressed up as a mysterious woman, complete with (semi) crazy hair, junky jewelry, and fuzzy socks and slippers. There was lots of food, candy, and Elsa's and Anna's!!! I manned a couple of games, and Anker did the fireworks.

Anker has been actually sick, which started just after we got home from Thanksgiving. Wednesday was actually the first day he went out. He has been feeling almost his old self, which has been nice. I hope for a date night (or day!) here soon.

I worked Tuesday night, so I wasn't able to go our ladies' monthly dessert night. I wrestled with it, b.c I really wanted to go (cause, you know, there's FOOD!!), but I relised that my sleep and health come first. As it turned out, I slept during it anyway, so I am kind of glad I didn't go. The shift (overnight/awake) went really well. After getting everything done, I watched FRIENDS on my laptop and read magazines. Speaking of magazines, I was good, and I didn't get any this last wknd. Not even WW (though I may still get it). See, I can have some self control!!

Wednesday, I slept while hubby dog sat for our neighbour. The dog was so sweet, and pretty much just sat on our couch the entire day.

Last Monday, I worked a few hours during the day, and since Adam and I had planned to have dinner together at his house (K and H were away..I am going to write about that in another post), I decided to stay on that side of town and hang out that the library. Adam and I had a nice supper and visit together, and then watched Maverick. I love that movie!

 Last Sunday, I went to church Anker was still sick), and came home and we watched a few Halloween movies. We had a nice relaxing evening together.

Thursday, I worked a few hours in the afternoon/evening. There were no new shows (other than Big Bang, which has returned to Thursday nights) that night, so that was a bummer.

Saturday, Lifetime channel (which we don't have right now), started with Christmas movies. Ugh! I love Christmas, but even that is a bit too early for me. But hey, it was fun watching them while I was at work.

Well, I am sure there is more, but I can't think of anything else right now. I know I should probably post a few pictures from Wednesday night, but I only took them on my phone, which means I have to save them to my computer first, and, well, I don't feel like it. LOL.

Oh...I did get my free Starbucks drink on Wednesday and I am only 4 away from getting another one. My aunt was in town, and we had breakfast together on Friday morning, which was nice, and then I grabbed SBX's FrankenFrap. I didn't like it much.

Happy Monday!


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