Weekend Wrap-up/Monday Morning Gossip

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This past weekend was ok..I felt that all I did was work, and sleep. Oh well...it is nice to be/feel busy.

Friday, I had to work, which was great. I worked until 9, and I came home and I watched some TV, did some FB'ing and went to bed. I know...such a crazy life I lead.

Saturday, I woke up and was relaxing when work called and asked me to work the night shift. I was debating about going back to bed, but then my neighbour called and asked if I wanted to go to the Farmers' Market with her. Since we haven't done much in awhile, and I knew that the FM was about to be over for the year, I decided to go.

After a couple of quick stops (which may or may not have included a trip to/through Tim Horton's), off to the market we went. It was a beautiful day, and I even managed to score some lettuce and carrots.

 We are having a civil election right now...so the candidates were having a forum.
                                                 A waffle on a stick. I NEED this in my life.

                                               And yes, there was also some produce. Yum!

We also took a walk down to the yarn store, then to the dog park, and then came home. I had a nap (or rather tried to) for a few hours, and then had supper while watching the Lightning at Canucks. We lost..boo! (well, I actually was only able to watch the first half at home, then I had to go to work) I went to to the store, and then to work. The shift went really well, and it was really relaxed. I came home just after 10 and I had a nap.

Anker wasn't (and still isn't) feeling well, as he caught the family cold. I decided to go to my brother and SILs church (which is held at our church bldng), and it was a wonderful service. It left me feeling really sad, though, as it was about family; in particular, marriage. I came home and a while later, my SIL called and I told her that I was feeling sad and blue and she just encouraged me, which was sweet. I think I watched some TV and chatted with Anker and went to bed. So that was my (our) wknd.


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