Just a Quick Update/Throwback Thursday

Can't do a long blog post today, but I am still alive! I really haven't felt the blogging bug lately (even with reading all the blogs), so I just am taking a bit of a blogging break. We are doing ok...a lot of financial stress lately, among other things.

We had a nice Thanksgiving Wknd with my family (I will try and blog about that soon), and it was great to see all my family again. We all get along so well (for the most part!), and we always enjoy each others' company. We ate. A lot.

A few weeks back Anker and I were invited by his support group to celebrate one of their founders' birthdays. We went to Hotel 540 for the party, and it was a nice afternoon. They had a buffet of lunch fare; and it was very good. I may have eaten too much. Maybe. The cake was good, too. After, we wandered around the local thrift stores, and bought a few things. So, that was our date for the week.

Yesterday was Anker's birthday. It was bit of an interesting day (financial worries, and running around), but in the end it was actually a nice day. I made a spice cake, which sadly didn't turn out that well. It was very dry. Grr. The icing, however, was amazing. We watched a movie of his choice, and he chose X-Men: Days of Future Past (insert MAJOR snore fest here), and no, I don't watch those types of shows (which is partly why I like TBBT; they are all so different than me), so I thought it was boring..HOWEVER, my man, Hugh is in it, so that was one redeeming quality. Another good thing about the movie was that it was partially set in the 60's (cue MAJOR glamour here). And hubby said I could Facebook during it, so ya, it wasn't too bad.

As you can see, I am not doing many daily (weekly) updates anymore, b/c they are kind of boring...I continue to do highlights, and I will try to do weekend updates.

In honour of #TBT, here is a picture of little old me back in grade 1 (it's not "First/Second/Third, etc Grade in Canada).


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