Scenes from a Weekend

Yes, I am just a few posts behind. Never fear....I will catch up-eventually!

So, before I do FOF/Weekend Wrap up, etc, I wanted to do an update on/of LAST wknd!

Here goes...(be prepared for a butt-load of pictures!)

In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated in October (which I like better, btw). It is always celebrated on the second wknd, and it almost always falls on our around by brother's bday. I secretly thinks he like this; turkey and family get togethers are a win-win for him, I am sure.

So, last Friday, October 10th, hubby and I chose to stay home, and leave the next day. We just relaxed and watched tv, and I am actually glad that we didn't try to go out that night.

Saturday, we left around 11, and got there around 1. Luke (the brother below me) and his wife, Amanda, and their little one N made the trek all the way from the Island. It was SO great to see them!! N never did fully warm up to me, but we did have some special moments. She loved that I brought some bubbles...and the next morning, the first thing she said to me was "bubbles?" It was cute. She and H got along famously (for the most part). Both them being only children made things a bit interesting at times!!

All of we siblings were there, except for Vienna. We all greatly missed her, and plan to photo shop her in all the pictures that we took!

So, Saturday, when we arrived, we just relaxed and visited with each other. Our friends Matt and Jill (sans kids) came to visit with Luke and Amanda. We all went for a walk, on our property, and H joined us, which always made things interesting.

I took some pictures of our lovely Autumn weather; I love Autumn; especially on our ranch.

                                                 I couldn't resist a Holiday Wknd Selfie.

                                              Yes, we have our own personal Riverbank.
                                                          We had a lovely walk.

We came back and got ready for dinner. We had our hot meal Saturday night. Can I just say "yum"?

                  Mom, Dad and the little ones had found us each a rock that they felt represented us.

For dessert, we also had Pumpkin Squares. If you haven't ever tried them, I suggest you should. My aunty makes them, and they are SO good!! She didn't have any gingersnaps, so she made them. Again, they were very good. I didn't take any pictures (yes, they were THAT good!), and I don't have her recipe, but I think these squares would be a similar recipe to what she used.

We also celebrated Luke's Bday. The kids and Mom had decorated cupcakes earlier in the day. They had a hoot. I helped them put candles in the cupcakes. They had fun doing that, too.

We usually go for a walk after our dinner, but since it was at night, and some of us already had gone for a walk, we just sat around and visited. My brother read out a funny book (well, funny to some people), and we visited, and played Password. We were all in bed by around 10 or so (well tend to go to bed early on the

Since the B&B was taken, and L and A were in the guest room, Seth graciously offered up his bed. We slept ok, but not great.

Sunday, we got ready for church, and I helped Mom get a few things ready for that night (I also did a salad the day before). Church was great, and I even got to look after H and N in the nursery. So fun!

Sunday afternoon was when we had our cold meal with just the parents and siblings.
 I loved our centre pieces. Our SIL was at a wedding the day before, and these were the flowers.
                                                Pretzel Salad. It's heaven in a bowl.
                                                 We had cold turkey, salad, veggies, etc.
The dinner was delish, and the company was even better. After our dinner, we went for a walk.
                                            Nothing like a walk to walk off all that turkey!
                             N wanted to meet the lamb...but she didn't want to get too close.

                                                           I love the fall colours!
                                                    I love this cute little family!
                                               The family that walks together stays together!!

                                                  H and N. They got along so well.
                                                                I love my family!

                                                      Photo Courtesy of Karen Moilliet

 We spent Sunday night relaxing and hanging out with each other...and enjoying the babies. After they went to bed, we watched Divergent. I had brought a few movies with me that I got from the library. I didn't know if and when we would watch them, but when I mentioned that I had some, and I showed them the movie, they all jumped on/at that. I did not. But I watched it anyway. What an odd movie. After the movie, we had a late night bun-wich of turkey and fixings. Because we could.

Monday, we had a lovely pancake breakfast before L and A left. I took the little ones for a walk before they left.
 I was able to get a few pics of them playing in/with the leaves.
                                                      Not the greatest, but I

                                                         I love these two!

After they left, we cleaned up, relaxed (we do a lot of relaxing when we are together!), had lunch (we also like to eat a lot!); yes, left over Turkey Dinner..yum..and watched Bobby, which was totally different than what I thought it would be. Went on a short drive with one of our SILs to the store, and left around 5. We stopped at my aunts on the way home, as we hadn't seen them all weekend. The trip home was a bit scary, and stressful, but we made it home in on piece.

All in all it was a great wknd. We had lots of little visits, and I had fun playing with the kids. Uncle Anker even read them a story!!

 I always pause and dwell on all my blessings; and I was very thankful for family!!!

 I hope all of my Canadian friends/bloggers had a great TG wknd as well!


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