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I wasn't going to join this week (I don't like ONLY linking up with linkups), but I still had some things to say!

My brother went back to ON for his convocation for his Masters of Social Work. I am SO proud of him. He was the first of we kids to fully be home schooled and he had such a struggle (even in college), but he is a success story if I ever saw/heard one!

K and H flew over a week or so prior to visit and make their trip worth while, and Mom and Adam flew on Thursday. Mom got a few pictures...

Here are some pictures of the Family Fall Fair last Wednesday...

                                                    One of the two games that I manned.
                                                     They had two bouncy castles.
                                                               Me all in black.
                                                The other game that I manned.
                       The Starbucks drink (free!) that helped me get through the :)

I even got a (fake) tattoo...

                                    FrankenFrap...I am not sure how I liked it...but it was fun to try.

The major thing that happened in Canada was that two weeks ago the terrorist attacks that happened in Quebec (Monday), and Ottawa, ON (Wednesday). It shook our country (and the world) to it's core, but even though we Canadians have a reputation of being nice, you don't mess with us :) So, like all good Canadians, we banded together, wore red and white, the flags at half mast, and said a prayer for the two soldiers that were killed. I was actually very upset and angry at over what happened. I am appalled and even a bit embarrassed that it happened in our country, but I am also equally proud to be Canadian, and on how "we" all handled it.

I loved on how our church brought out the Canada Flag on the next Sunday..
They even had one in our bulletin...

I know that Remembrance Day will have special meaning for all of we Canadians this year, and the poppies even came out a week or so early (yes, I got mine).

Last Sunday (not yesterday), I wore a scarf/necklace that I got for my birthday, but that I hadn't had a chance to wear it yet...I am not a big scarf person, but I do like and enjoy wearing them when I I was kind of glad that I had the chance to wear it the other day. here is what it looked like...

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