Five on Friday/Oh, Hey, Friday/Update on our Week

Happy Saturday!!!

I am going to do the two link ups as an update on our week, cause I like it, and it seems to work, and because I can.

So, here we go...

1//Work (Monday)
Not sure if I posted this last week, but I worked last weekend, and Monday. They were both 12 hour shifts, and Monday's was a 5.5 shift. Monday morning, I changed our bed with new sheets, did a load of laundry, did dishes, and then I relaxed pretty much until I had to work Monday, which was nice. Work went well, and I came home and relaxed.

2//Bible Study, and Great Friends (Tuesday)
Tuesday, Anker had glass class, so I drove him downtown (we didn't have any change for parking), and I had breakfast at Tim Hortons. I also scoured our local London Drugs. Did you know they have clothes now? Weird. The rest of the day was pretty lazy. I went to ladies Bible Study, which was a great time, and then I called my friend and "told" her I was coming for tea :) Well, not really, I did ask :) We had a nice hour long visit, and I may or may not have found her kids' Halloween candy bags and had a few pieces! I LOVE having her back in town :) If I weren't so lazy, I would walk there.

3.// Time with Aunties (Wednesday)
Wednesday, I had a staff meeting, and because I somehow messed up on the time, I was a little late. Oops! They were cool with it, though, but I still felt bad. My aunt had a test at the hospital and since she had come in with Mom, and that she was going to be busy all day, she asked me to come and pick her up, so we could hang out together. We had lunch at Subway, and we hung out at our house for a bit. She took us for supper at BP, and Anker and I shared a pizza. Yum!! After Mom came to pick her up, we just hung out and watched shows that we had recorded on our PVR. We also watched CMA's and Grey's (which now comes in in Canada on Wednesday).

4// Lazy Days

Thursday was a completely lazy day, and I loved it. Anker went to his doctor's appointment and had a meeting with our church's play director. We watched TV, played our Trains Station Game and pretty much did nothing at all. Loved it. We watched Big Bang, and other stuff.

5// Productive Days

Friday (yesterday), I slept in, and then went off to our storage unit to pay it down, and to organize it. I spent nearly two hours going through stuff and it was really fun. I did take a couple of pictures of what my car looked like, but they didn't turn out well, so I won't post them. However, if you follow me on IG, they are on there. I drove around town trying to find a garbage that I could put my junk in, but you had to pay, blah, blah, so I ended up bring the garbage home. I threw out/gave away 200 magazines, and other stuff. It was still hard, but it felt good, too. I gave it all away to Value Village. We are hoping to get rid of our storage at the end of the month. I ran errands (which may or may not have included a Starbucks stop), and came home. I made two suppers, one for me, and one for hubby, b/c I really wanted the lamb chops, and hubby doesn't usually eat them, so I made him meatloaf, We just relaxed all evening, which was nice. We watched Falling Skies and some of the BC Lions game. Sadly "we" did not win. Boo. I did organize a bit in the evening the stuff that I am keeping (and that I had brought in), and journalled.

So , that was my/our week. I am going to publish it now, and hope to either add pics or do another "picture only" post from what I posted this week. Hope you have a  great weekend!

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