After a Long Pause.....

Yes, another break in blogging :) I am still around, though.

I have struggled the last while of where this blog should go. Should I continue? Should I just do blog hops? Should I only blog when I feel like it? Do people even care what I write about? Or even that I write at all? I love blogging. I love writing. I love words. I ALWAYS struggle with being too wordy. I always write longer than needed notes. I write more than I need to at work. So, this is a great outlet for me. But really..does anyone really read this? Does anyone care? Is it all just about kids, travel, fashion, home, food, etc?

So, I think I will continue to blog...just not as much. Or maybe I will still continue. To be honest, btwn, TV (I watch way too much..more on that in another post)/movies, Facebook, cleaning (again, more on that in another post), life with hubby, work, errands, and meeting people for coffee, and reading my endless pile (either from the library, or the few that I have bought)I am a bit overwhelmed, so blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. I have also just plain felt uninspired and and unmotivated to to even bother to blog. I have been reading a few of my favourites, hopes to be inspired. I say.."oh ya...that makes me wanna blog"...then I find something else to do...or I just continue playing Train Station on Facebook. Yah, see, I told I felt uninspired and unmotivated!! So,  hope that people will read my little blog, and I hope that people will be blessed, and encouraged, and to know that you're not alone; especially in the infertile world!

So, I guess you could say."I'm BAACK!" I actually never really left..I just wasn't posting as much.

Well, clearly, it takes me more than an hour to do a simple blog post. I started this Sunday at around 10:30 pm and it is now Monday at 4:50 pm.

Even now, I am probably problems trying to figure what what I should say in this post. Should I continue, or start another post? At any rate...I am still around...and that is pretty much why I did a post :)


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