Last Week/end's Update

Happy Friday, Friends. And a belated Thanksgiving to all my American friends, wherever you live. I hope it was wonderful.

The last couple of weeks (including wknds) have been busy, and productive, which makes me feel very happy.

I won't do an update on last week, but her are some of the highlights.

Went to a work meeting, then a budgeting seminar at Anker's support group's association. I worked last Thursday, and last Friday, went for my chiro appt, and rand a few errands, and then had a sushi date with my friend. We went to Arigato Sushi again, and it was delish! (FYI...there are two sushi restaurants by the same name in this town, but COMPLETELY different - different owners, etc))

I can't even remember what it was....but it was so good! I also had the prawn tempura, but I forgot to take a picture of that. Also very good!

I ended up grabbing a Starbucks, and meeting a friend at a local craft fair, where I bought a few things..(pictures to come in another post). Went back to her house (we live in the same building), for wine, and another friend joined us. We "helped" her decorate her tree. And when I say helped, I mean, we sat and played on our phones, chatting, and drank wine while she decorated :)

The result was amazing :)

 She actually had three trees, which were totally awesome!!

Saturday, I went to sit down to have some coffee and relax, when my SIL called and asked if I wanted to meet up for coffee. We met a local coffee house, and of course, H was there. We had a nice visit, and I stayed to journal. I spent Saturday evening cleaning and organizing our bedroom, which took 6 hours. No kidding. It was a very productive time, and I muchly needed. I also did a bit of decorating in our room, too, which was nice. Again, more pictures in another post.

Sunday, Anker wasn't feeling well, so I went to church alone. I totally forgot that there was a fundraiser lunch after church, so I stayed for that. Soup and buns/wiches, and cookies for dessert. Yum! I picked up hubby, as he was helping with the props for the play, and he had to be back at the church for 2. I went to meet up with a friend that wanted to buy a few things off me that I was selling, and then back home to pick up a few things, then it was off to my friends to babysit her kids (super easy), and their friends (also super easy) 3 kids. So, 5 kids and a box dog. It was a fun afternoon/even and some of the easiest money that I have ever earned. I got home around 1 am Monday! Thankfully, we are very close to each other, which helps

I will write about this week in another post :) Have a great weekend!


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