Monday, June 10, 2013

My Birthday, and other News

I have a busy week ahead! I am excited!!! I have a new job as casual/on call at an agency in town. I am very happy. I had an interview a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't think that anything would come from it. I was wrong. They called me last week to ask me to come down to sign a few things, and I had my doctors approval appointment today. I got it! I have a few days of orientation, then I will work as they call/need me. I still have to take my 1st Aid Course, and I have to take my Class 4 Drivers, then I will be able to do all tasks, and work alone. I am SO grateful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity. It isn't a TON of money, but it is on average of what people in my field make, and iit gets my foot in the door, and I get experience.

So about my birthday....

It was just okay:) Hubby was grumpy for some of it, and we were late for church, among other things (no, NOT that thing!), and we really hate being late for church. was a good sermon, and it was kind of funny, because it was on bridging the gap btwn the young and old, similar to what I was referring to in my "Friends to have" post. Anyway...after church, hubby was still grumpy, and I didn't feel like being around someone who was grumpy on my birthday, so I went to my friend to ask her if she wanted to have coffee with me, and they invited us to lunch. We went to Original Joe's. which good. I ordered something that I thought was something else (I thought the ribs were going to saucy, not dry), but it was all still good..and the visit was great.
Dirt Cake..SOO good!!! I may have eaten most of it myself.

Some other friends of ours wanted to get together as well, and invited and took us out for dinner. We were STILL stuffed from lunch, so I had no idea on how I was going to eat...but I survived (consequently, I didn't eat much today at all). We went to Hoja's Mongolian Grill, and it was really good.
Key Lime CheeseCake:)
We got home and we were both very tired. I sat down to watch Big Bang Theory, and after three episodes, I went to bed. So that was my bday for 2013.  I have a fairly big week ahead, and lots of activities planned. I am looking forward to gradding this weekend. My family will be in town to help my celebrate:)

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