Just Daddy and Me:) (A Father's Day Post)

I was going through my photos that I have on my computer and on FB, and I sadly have very few of just my dad, and even fewer of Dad and myself. There are a lot from the past; I have a lot more in photo albums, that I could scan if our scanner was working. I DO have a few that I can and will post on here...

My dad and I are actually more alike that Mom and I, I think. We have a lot of similar personalities, and our make up is similar, as well. He was 25 (?) when I was born, and he is in his 60's now. It seems old to type it, but he really doesn't look or act old. He is still very involved on our farm's daily activities, and his a fully paid pastor at our church. He really quite a hoot. He starts off quiet and can seem a bit, well, dull, and not "into" people at times, but he really does have quite the sanguine personality!

 As a father, he is fantastic. He loves spending time with his kids. When I was taking my Driver's Ed classes, we would go into town once a week, just the two of us, and spend the day together. I think that is one of the most memorable times I remember. We had a lot of talks on our way in (no cell phones back then...at least not for us), and would usually have a meal together. He always goes out at Christmas, too. He would go and buy presents that Mom had no idea of; he always makes Christmas so fun:) (He still does). He always makes a big deal of Mother's Day, and of Birthdays, and special days. His favourite quote (from the Cosby Show) is "I'm the Father, that's why". He still quotes it to this day. There are so many wonderful things that make him an amazing dad.  He is patient, kind, loving, funny, generous, and funny, and of course, he is an excellent Spiritual Leader of our home. We have morning devotions at breakfast, and because we were home-schooled, we would often spend the morning talking about life...:)  He is far from perfect; but those imperfections make him who he is, too. He is still raising kids; the youngest is 16, so he isn't done with the teenage/raising years of kids, yet.

 He LOVES being a grandpa, too. He loves Bebop SO MUCH, and misses him when he isn't there. He loves Rosebud, too. He spent a lot of time holding and talking to her when they were here in the spring. I think this is the first Father's Day, at least in awhile, that we haven't been there to help him celebrate. They had an excellent time, though, as we called them later (as well as in the morning) this afternoon.

I will leave you with something sweet that Anker said today. We were driving to church, and I asked him if he were sad, because of this being Father's Day, and him not having his dad around anymore, and we not having kids. He said "no, I have a father now". I wasn't sure if he were referring to God, or our Pastor, or my dad, but I asked if he was referring to my dad, to which he replied "yes". I thought that was so sweet of him to say that.

Here are a couple of pictures of my dad...
Dad at his birthday party a couple of years ago.

Dad and Bebop riding the quad.
I hope that everyone had a great Father's Day!


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