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Hi! I'm April. I used to have a blog. Anyway, moving on!!

Happy Sunday night, friends!!! I hope your December is going well so far. Our is going pretty well. Here are some highlights of late...:)

Last Friday, our girls group from church had our Christmas party! It was at our friends new place, and we had a lovely evening! There was A LOT of food!! And, two days ago was my work Christmas party...and, surprise, surprise!..Anker came! It was pretty fun. The was great, and he got to meet some of my co-workers, and we played some TV games...very fun!!! It ended at 8, which was a bit early, but considering I was getting a cold, and hubs doesn't like being out too long (esp at/to places he doesn't know many ppl), it was actually good timing.

We had a day and a half off last week. Thursday aft, I spent...well, I don't remember what I did, but I think I went to the library. Friday, I slept in, relaxed in the morning, and then ran out to get a few things, then back here to get ready. Kind of a funny story....I forgot my house keys on the table (not sure why they were there in the first place, but, whatever), and I forgot to tell Anker not to lock the door. He RARELY does, so I didn't worry about calling him. Besides, he is usually up until midnight (esp on the wknds). Well, I get home after 11, and the door was locked, and Anker was asleep. I knocked not super hard, but hard enough that he might have heard. I was debating about sleeping in the car (it's not super cold out at night...yet!!), and I was about to call our landline, when Anker came to the door. He was not amused. Ooops!

I really haven't been feeling the Christmas Spirit lately...I just made my first bunch of cookies today, and they weren't even Christmas cookies. Anker did make some Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies, though. The tree is up, and we have some decorations out and about....and I just started listening to Christmas music the other day. I don't think we will do much baking, except for your general, basic cookie, as we dot have a ton of money for things like, almonds, and other such goodies. It's all ok, though...I shouldn't be eating that stuff, anyway. Thankfully, cookies (usually!) aren't my weakness. We will have a ton of them lying around, and I won't (usually!) eat them all. I also have been watching a bunch of Christmas movies, and that has been fun. My newest thing is watching them on YouTube on my laptop...and at night, I will put one on my phone and fall asleep.

I got a cold on Thursday night, but it is almost gone now! Yay!!! I don't think that I have ever had so much tea in my life!!!

***It is now ONE WEEK later, December 11***

Well, it is now a week later....ugh!! I think I will just finish this post off, and start another one...about this last Where was I? Oh yes, I caught a cold...well, it WAS almost gone, but then it continued to linger..bleh. Anker got it bad, so he has been down with that for the last couple of days.

Mom and Dad were in Mexico for 2 weeks (they got back earlier this last wk), and had a wonderful time, but are glad to be back. They went to Costa Sur, in PV, and from their pics, and the pictures on CS's FB page, it looks GORGEOUS! I joked with her that she should have gotten a time share, cause then we can head down there next year :)

Anyway...I will end this here, and then start up another post :)


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