Ten Things of Thankful

I don't know if there is going to be a TToT this wk, but I am going to do one, anyway.

1) A Roof Over our Heads

We have been having a cold snap for the last week. I am VERY thankful that we have warm cars (our is working now..yay!), clothes, and a roof over our heads. Very thankful, indeed!

2) My Job

I love my job...the kids, my co-workers, WHERE I work..love, love! We even got a raise a couple of weeks ago! I also love that it less than a 10 minute commute! There were also a couple of Money Trees that went out (one being last minute), and we raised almost $700 btwn the both of them! I love that we are all so generous and caring. There was also a "Winter Clothing Drive" that was done (again, last minute) for another school in town, and SO MUCH was given!! Not to mention the Christmas Food Hampers, etc. Did I mention the goodies that we always get??

3) Date Day

Anker and I had doctor's appointments on Tuesday, so we went to our appointment (where we were told that our tests and scans looked good!), and went to grab groceries for dinner, to the drugstore, etc. Hey, it wasn't exciting, but I will take what I can get!

4) CHRISTmas

I haven't been AS into Christmas this year, which is weird, since I won't be working it for the first time in three years. But I still do LOVE it!!! I am thankful that Christ came for us as a baby, died on a cross, to save us from our sins. And the fruitcake and tarts don't hurt, either. LOL

5) Calico

She is a nut ball! She has been doing a lot more playing recently. She is definitely coming out of her shell. She has also been staying on our bed longer at night (she usually just comes in and cuddles with A, then heads off), often laying on the bed.

6) Christmas Pressies

The parents in our class were so generous to me. I got a couple of really sweet cards. I got a lot of gifts, including Starbucks GC's, chocolate, candles, and Christmas socks. Did I say that I love my job?

7) Christmas Movies

Ok, it's a very trivial thing to be thankful for, but I love all the cheesy (and classic) Christmas movies that are on right now. I have gotten a few out from the library, and I have been watching a lot of them on TV (we got back a few of the good channels again!!).

8) A Short-Lasting Cold

Well, it isn't really short-lasting, but I am very thankful that the cold I got wasn't too bad. I only missed one day of school, and I probably could have done it, but I decided to stay home to try to rest. A lot of other ppl at work took a week or so off. I am thankful that mine wasn't too bad.

9) Winter Driving

I really dislike winter driving, especially when it's compact, and or slippery. Well, I have to say that, for the most part, I have done fairly well in driving. Ok, so I didn't go up the hill last night with Isaac, nor did I go to church last wk, b/c of the snow, but when the roads are clear (ish), I will go up there. I did end up going up the hill today!! I was late, but I would have been anyway, as I am usually late for things (except for work..ha!). I am very proud of myself, I gotta say! I went to my brother's and SIL's, where I asked for lunch (doesn't anyone else do that??), and hung out with them for an hour or so, then went to Walmart, and went to my boss' for an open house.

10) Christmas Traditions

It looks like Anker and I are starting our own Christmas Traditions...well, we already have a few traditions, like buying one (or more) Christmas ornaments, and deciding on a theme for our tree, baking cookies, etc. But, it looks like we have been doing /starting a new one....which is buying Starbucks Packaged Christmas Yearly Blend Coffee. I think this is our third year (or maybe second), and it is a fun tradition. It is cheap (ish), and Christmassy.

Ok...I found 10 Things to Be Thankful For!!

(for additional pictures, go here to take a look.


Pat B said…
I didn't go to Church today, because of the icy/snowy conditions on our hill. It is rare for me to miss attending church, but I've had a couple of falls this year and didn't want to risk having an accident or falling in a slippery parking lot. It is such a blessing to work in a job that you truly enjoy. Stay safe and warm through this Christmas season and enjoy your family.
The A Team said…
Hi Pat,

Thank you for stopping by!I hear ya, I normally don't like to drive when it is icy/snowy, but I kind of wanted to hang out with ppl, and I was on the church nursery. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!
Kristi said…
I'm glad your cold was short-lived. My husband and daughter also had short-lived colds earlier this month. Other people in our area have had longer, worse sicknesses. So far I have escaped, and hope to remain healthy. I have my grandma's 100-year-old birthday party to attend soon, so I have to stay illness-free!
The A Team said…
Hi Kristi...Thank you for stopping by. Let's hope you stay healthy!!!

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