Five on Friday

Yes, I do realize that the ol' blog is lacking. Just not as into it lately. Never fear...April is here!

Here are some favourites of/from this last week:

1) Cold Snap.
Kamloops has had a biiiit of a cold snap lately. We are all wusses, so we have been whining a lot. I kind of like it, though. It kills colds...or something!! Last wknd, we got a big dump of snow. We are getting some more, as I type this.

2) Christmas Break.

We are on a 2.5 wk Christmas break. I love my job, but I am needing a break. I think all the kids are looking forward to it, too. We had a fun last day of school yesterday; most of the classes had parties...we did a few things in the morning, and had a party in the afternoon. We had snacks, and we watched a movie. A few of we EA's had a small party upstairs, which was fun.

3) School Concert

The school had its two night epic School concert this last week. It went SO well, and all the kids did amazing1!

4) Feeling Appreciated

I got so many lovely gifts from "my" parents yesterday! I feel so humbled and appreciated. I chocolates, candles, Starbucks gift cards, soap, bath stuff...:)

5) Christmas Decorating and Baking

I know this is a wk or so since it happened, but we did do some decorating, and I did some baking last week. I think we decorated the first week of December. I am not as into Christmas this year...I still love it...I am just not as into is hard to I am usually listening to Xmas music on November 12th..and I usually have listened to all of my Christmas albums 1 or even 2 times over by now. I have usually made dozens of cookies...I have only made two or three batches. Oh well....I guess it is just being with others, right?

I bought this from a friend, from one of the bidding sites, who ended up just giving it to me. I love it!!
Anker made Peppermint Pinwheels, and they turned out really good! I made Craisin Oatmal cookies.
I made Gingersnaps and Snickerdoodles. I am very happy that I had a bunch of willing taste testers :) (AKA staff at work).

6) New Christmas Traditions and Candle

I bought this candle from Avon a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it!!!

Anker and I have a new tradition of getting the Christmas Blend Coffee from Starbucks each Christmas. We haven't tried it yet (I just bought it today), but I am sure that it will be good. And yes, I did try that Fruitcake Frappicino today, and it was actually not bad.
If I don't write another post before Christmas...Merry Christmas!!!


Gerri Hall said…
Hi April,
I enjoy your posts. Down to earth and appreciative of the simple things.
The A Team said…
Thank you, my friend!!! Much appreciated!

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