Shopping Spree

Even before I got my new job, my mom said that she wanted to take me shopping for some clothes! Most of my clothes are rather old, and although I buy a few tops from Wal-Mart, which are half decent, they are in no way professional-looking clothes! Add to the fact that I don't have (surprisingly) a lot of high (ish) neck-lined tops. Even with the tank tops underneath, it was still a bit iffy. And don't even get me started on pants. I have have NONE! I had two pairs of jeans, but one was too big, and other other too small! I have two pairs of yoga pants, but one pair are not really good to wear, well, anywhere, let alone to work! I had one pair of decent capri pants, and one pair of shorts. So, that was it! I would have definitely been a great candidate of What Not To Wear! I am THAT BAD of a dresser. Ok..not all the time..just sometimes!

Because I am not thin, and we are in a small city, getting clothes that fit (and look good on) me in nearly impossible..HOWEVER, we have two (well 4 if you include WM and Mark's) stores that are actually pretty good! We went to Penningtons, which is a pretty great place! They have a fair amount of selection, have (mostly!) great people to help you, and while their prices aren't cheap, their clothes ARE pretty good as far as durability goes. They never shrink, and last pretty well (I got my bathing suit, two br*s, and my only decent capri pants there). I am definitely a casual- type of dresser. I am not even sure if I have a fashion "type"! But I think the closest would be casual. I really don't like trying new styles, and I am pretty conservative (but not least not most of the time!) in what I wear and choose.

Most of what we got was the store brand, but I did get one brand that makes me really happy!!! I ended up getting Melissa McCarthy's Se7en brand of jeans!!! I thought it would be fun to post a picture of one of the outfits each day this week (since I am doing it already on FB/IG) to show what I got! I mean, all the other bloggers are doing it...why not me? So, while I started this on Monday, I will actually not post this until Friday, so that I can post all 5 (or more) pics each day on/in one post! Trust me, the pictures don't/won't do the outfits justice (esp where colour is concerned), but you will just have to trust me (then go to the website to get the ACTUAL correct vision!). I see that MM's stuff is exclusively at LB in the US, but is at/in Penningtons in Canada.

So, without further are my posts (please don't laugh and


Since I was helping in the nursery and Anker wasn't coming with me, I opted for a casual look:

Pants: D/C Jeans (approx style)
Shirt: Shaped - Fit Store Brand (approx style)


Though I do usually wear pants two days in a row, I thought I would go all crazy and do a completely different outfit today.

Shirt: Store Brand (Midight)  
Pants: Michel Studio/Alexa Charcoal Ankle Pant

Shirt: Active Zone Essentials  (I can't find the actual top online right now, but here is the link to that dept on the Penningtons website)
Pants: Melissa Mcarhty Pencil/Ankle Cut Jean 


Shirt:Addition Elle/Michel Studio Frill Blouse
Pants: D/C Coloured Skinny Jeans (approx style) I actually had to take them back, and a new pair is supposed to be sent to me, so I don't remember 100% what they were, but I will double check when I get them back. There was a rip in the front (discovered during the day!), so I wanted a pair of new ones.
Shirt: Same shirt as Tuesday (I discovered that another one of the blouses had a broken button loop, and it still needs to be fixed...they have gave us 15% off, and we will sew it...but I ended up wearing the same shirt..washed, Tuesday).
 Pants: Michel Studio Alexa Petite Pants (approx style)
Necklace: Color By Amber (A co-worker GAVE this to me after she saw me wearing the top earlier in the week, saying that this necklace would go perfect with it!! She was right...and she actually gave me another one to add on to the first one she gave me).

So, those are what my mom bought me; my fall/winter wardrobe. I love it, and I was in awe all wknd from it!! I felt so spoiled and loved. She also bought me some shoes, which I have worn, and I really like. I had to go with comfort and dressy...and these were what we found. I will show them on the blog probably soon.


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