Cars, Coffee, and Community

I do realize that the ol' blog has been lacking! But I am alive and (mostly!) well...I promise!!

Our car has been having battery all started last Thursday, when I went to start it as I was leaving took a second to start. Anyway..then, when Anker and I went with our friends for dinner, it wouldn't start. We had to get our friends to come and jump start us...then it would work, then it wouldn't. Last Friday was a PD day at school, I had a meeting to go to, so it worked in the morning, but not later on during the day. So, Anker rigged something up, and he charged it...where is was fine until Tuesday. It then wouldn't start again, during the oil change. I ended up taking it to CT, to (hopefully!) get a new battery, as it was under warranty. Hubby had to come with the wrench to get the battery out, and we spent over an hour wandering around CT, while waiting for the battery to re-charge. Ugh...but, at least it ended up turning into a date night, which was kind of fun (we went to Wendy's after, as I was going to a Tupperware party that night). So, our battery is charged, and we also have our winter tires put on the car. And, we have our oil changed, and it is winterized. Other than a fan belt, our car seems to be running well!!

I have been having coffee with several friends lately...a couple of weeks ago, I went and had coffee with a colleague, and then went out and had coffee with the girls from church. I also had coffee with a friend on Wednesday, and then yesterday (Friday, as this is now Saturday), had coffee with some ladies from school. Last Friday, one of the days where we had issues with our car battery, I had a light lunch with some ladies from school. And, last Thursday, as I mentioned above, we had lunch with our friends (they paid) for hubs' and our friend D's birthday. They then came over and had cake and a visit with us. I am having coffee with my aunt today, and I had coffee alone this last Monday.

On Tuesday, our class went on a field trip to a local First Nations Museum. We went along with another class, as both classes are doing reports on the Aboriginal People and the community, respectively. It was a GORGEOUS day, and the museum was even better than I hoped. I definitely want to go back and do more reading. It had a lot of info on the First Nations..on how they lived, the (sad) life they lived in the Residential schools (we avoided that part with the kids!!). All the kids were great listeners, and asked lots of questions. The lady who did the tour and who led us around, did a great job, and was wonderful with the kids. I wish I had taken more pictures of the day (outside, as we couldn't take pictures inside), but I was too busy shepherding the kids. It was a great day, and I would highly encourage everyone to go!!

Secwepmc Museum

 The museum, and the former Residential School in the background.

 The pit houses they used to live in.
The museum.


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