Life Lately

I will start this on Thursday, and I will probably finish this over the wknd. I am THAT busy! Ugh!!!

So, when was the last time I blogged? Oh yes, a week ago!! I just haven't been feeling the blogging bug lately.

In case you haven't noticed from my blog posts/profile on the side, I have started a new job. I will probably post about it (I actually have one waiting to be published, but I haven't pressed "publish" But suffice it to say, I am working with kids, and I love it!!

So, what's up with us? Well...nothing, but everything!

This last wknd was Canadian Thanksgiving (and yes, I say that we have the "real" Thanksgiving!!), so hubs and I went to the ranch for that. We had a lovely time, probably the best time in a LOOONG time..just super relaxing, and lots of fun. My brother and his family came from V. Island, and it was great to see their girls again. They are SO adorable!!! I wish I could post some pics of them, but their parents have requested no pictures, which I TOTALLY understand! But trust me, they are adorable!

This week has been kind of younger brother and his wife came back from the ranch, through town, on their way home, and took me out to supper. Anker was peopled out, so I just went. We went to White Spot, and we had a nice time. Wednesday,  I went to coffee with a new co-worker, and we sat outside and talked for an hour. I ran to the drug store, and then back home, where we had pizza, and then I met up with the girls from church for a quick coffee (where, btw, I didn't get A THING!!!), and visit. I was kinda tired, so I headed off to the library, then back home. Tonight, I met with a former co-worker for coffee, then I headed to the library. Then, I organized my jewelry. I know. Awesome! I also did two loads of laundry, took out the garbage and recycling, talked with our neighbour, talked with Anker, cleaned our bedroom a little, and put some stuff on/in the bidding sites. That is the most productive that I have been in awhile.

I FINALLY watched "Miracles from Heaven", and it was really good! I will probably end up buying it one day. Loved, LOVED Jennifer!!! I haven't really been in to GG lately. I am still stuck on Season 3. I bought TBBT Season 9 awhile back. I think I have watched most of it (again). So, I said that I wouldn't get into any new shows this season...well, I got sucked into "This is Us". They had better not cancel it, or I will be mad. It is actually quite good. I still have to get caught up Code Black, and I have given up on watching DWTS. I just can't be bothered to watch 4 hours of dancing every week. Y&R is is kind of bleh, though. JJ is always good for a laugh, and the two Canadian news parody shows haven't started yet...and neither has Saving Hope. GA was pretty good last week, as was TBBT. I am in no way condoning SHAMY living together (please, no hate mail), before getting married, but at least they are being a "real couple" (more affectionate, etc), so that is sweet. I kind of got into Masters of Flip, but the TV in our room has picture tinting issues, so I can't see a lot of what they are doing...but it is still good (Anker and I seem to watch TV in separate rooms). I haven't watched much DL, or Motive, 20/20, or the A&E documentary about JonBenet yet. As far as movies, I hope to watch SULLY, and I have Mother's Day, My Name is Doris, and The Meddler on hold at the library.

We have been giving away tomatoes like they are going out of style. Anker must have grown a 100 of them! We went to pick apples at our friends a couple of wknds ago, and we got a bit carried away, and picked too many for us, so we have been giving those away, too. I love fresh produce!! Speaking of food...awhile back, I found the Chipnuts that I had YEARS ago while/when I was in Calgary! I had seen (and eaten!) another brand of them, this summer, and while they are good, these ones were amazing!! They are onion and garlic...and SO GOOD! Y'all...can I just say HOT LUNCH!!? I didn't know that there was such a thing! Ok, well, I did, but I didn't know that the staff could order. It is only a few bucks for lunch, which is great! I had Wendy's chili and salad today, and it was really good. They have it twice a week, which is a bit tempting to eat it every time, but I have only ordered 3 days in the next month or so.

Hubby has been doing pretty well. He did quite enjoy last wknd, and our nieces actually took to him, which is pretty amazing. There were some sweet moments with / btwn the three (four, with H) of them, which was neat to see. N LOVED seeing A and K knit. She would ask them TONS of questions (Anker knitted me a pink hat!!). He has been dyeing my family's sheep's wool, and is knitting hats and mittens. It is actually his birthday on Saturday, so we are heading out to supper..nothing fancy, just the two of us. We went on a DQ date a couple of Sundays ago. We live a gripping life, don't we? He has been feeling pretty well. His moods have been pretty stable, and he has been physically feeling ok. He has been busy drying apples, tomatoes, and making applesauce.

I have been doing awesome! I LOVE my new job!! Everyone can see and hear the difference. Even my dad said something about it to me over the wknd...on how I sound different over the phone. Sadly, I need to be eating healthier, and doing more exercise. I SHOULD be walking two-3 times a week, but I haven't been doing it. I think my sugars are OKAY, not great, and I think I have been retaining fluid again. My specialist in Vancouver said that everything was fine, and I don't think I am retaining a lot of fluid, but enough for me (and others) to notice. I hope to get into my doctor and maybe get a small dose of a water pill. I am finding that getting up early is haaaard!!! I am STILL a night owl. Even when I try to go sleep early (like on Monday, when I wasn't feeling well), I just lie there. Ugh! Oh well. I worked 2 full weeks (with wknds off, obvs), and now we have two 4 day work weeks. Yah, I am happy. Mom was giving away her dvds/VHS movies last wknd, and we took a few, so that was kind of fun. I also organized some papers, etc awhile back. Ok, that part wasn't exciting...but oh well. We should do a yard clean up soon. Maybe this weekend. I have a dentist appt on Friday, and I think I have a cracked tooth! Ugh!! Then, I am babysitting H, and hopefully, watching a couple of eps of GG. On Saturday, we (or at least me) are getting together with some friends for coffee. And, other than celebrating Anker's bday Saturday night, and church, those are our plans.

Oh...and Calico! She was very happy when we got back on Monday. She isn't used to both of us being gone at once (at least not for very long). She is so sweet, and very curious!! Anker said that he let her out in the back yard for a bit this evening, to eat grass....she hasn't been feeling well the last while, so I hope that that will help. She is definitely more friendly, and playful. She will come and greet us in the morning, and when we (or I) come home.

I think that is all from us!!! We are doing pretty well, I gotta say!! I am VERY thankful, and blessed right now!! AND I am not taking that for granted.


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