What's in my (make-up) Bag

****I had hoped to have actually done an itemized list to go along with the pictures, but I never did get to it, and since this was in my drafts until a few weeks ago, and I still haven't updated  it in the way I had hoped, it will probably just stay like this. My apologies. I hope to maybe do a "favourite make up" post sometime soon. February 25/16****

I love on how in US Weekly, they have their segment on What's in My Bag! The stars spill out what is in their bags...which I find very interesting. And cool. So, that, along with all the beauty (bargain) finds posts that I see floating around, well, I thought I would do a make-up post.

So, here ya go! Please note, that I am a "drug-store" shopper, for pretty much EVERYTHING! That being said, though, drugstores have gotten MUCH better in the last 15 years in what they carry. We aren't in a large city, so we only have drugstores (ie: London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Wal-Mart) to chose from when it comes to beauty, make-up, skin care, etc. We don't have Sephora, or Mac (We don't even have Merle Norman anymore, as it closed a few years ago). Of course, we have salons (spa, hair, etc) to chose from, and I am just reminded of Sears, and The Bay, and even the Dollar Stores are getting better at carrying decent make up, and we also have a store called Sally's, which is pretty good, too. Oh yes, and The Beauty Shop...and Bath and Body Works do, too..and probably Winners. Ok, we have more than Drugstore finds, but that is where I go (mostly) to find my my make up.

At any rate....I have make up...a lot of it. The funny part of it is, I hardly wear the stuff. I will go WEEKS without so much as applying lip gloss (though I am doing better at that), before I leave the house. Why? I have no clue. Sometimes, I don't feel like, or I am running late....or, I don't feel like fiddling around trying to find something. Or, I have too much to chose from. Yes, you heard that correctly. I have too much to chose from. Why? Well, partly it is because I was in Avon for a few years a few years ago. I joke that I was my best customer. I HATE throwing things away/out. I know you're only supposed to keep it for 6 months...well, I keep mine for YEARS. Unless it's mascara: that I keep for 6 months, then I throw it out. But the rest, though, I keep for far too long. Probably longer than it is healthy. But, I haven't died from it yet (or got sick), so I continue to keep it. I think partly why I keep is that I love it, and I think (which is probably true) that I will never be able to find it again. So, I keep it until it is empty (ok, this is most of my stuff..I DO throw SOME THINGS away..like nail polish, lipstick, etc), and/or broken, and then with a huge sigh and a tear, I throw it out.

SO...as usual, I digress....I took pictures of my make up this evening, and here is my ENTIRE contents (but please keep in mind that this did not include my skin creams, and not all of my hand lotions, not all of my chap sticks, and not all of my disinfectant gels that I keep in my purse, and in my bag). I also threw my FLOWER lipstick out right after I took the picture, b/c the top broke off awhile back, and I was tired of having it covered by/with a tissue and one of my hair elastics.

So...here are my pictures...

Yes, I have a lot. Yes, I may have been dreaming of buy more stuff. Seriously, I think I have a problem.

This is my current make-up haul. When/while I was taking this picture, hubby came in to tell me something, and he looked, shook his head, asked me "what are you doing?", to which I responded "It's for my blog, dear", and he just said "ok", smiled and left.
 My haul includes: a set of make up brushes, two bottles of eye make up removal (Avon to the left, and MK to the right), one dry foundation, one wet foundation, one face corrector, and two bottles (one that is almost empty) of Avon face perfector, two mascaras (the pink one is Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof in Brown-ish black), and the gold tube is FLOWER Zoom-in Ultimate Mascara in Brown black (it has a 3-in-1 tube applicator, which I love), 10 eye shadows, including two cremes, and three loose powders) and 20 (I think??) lipsticks, which also include 8 lip glosses, and 8 eye liners (minus one, the small one on the left, since I just threw it out)....and 3 hand lotions, 5 chapsticks, and three disinfectant gels.


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