Life Lately

Yes, I am still alive!! Just in a bit of a blogging funk, is all. Other than a couple of short posts (including one that was a draft from way last fall), it has been a month since a last blogged. You haven't missed much, trust me.

Here are a few of the happenings around here:

I am going to the ladies Wednesday morning coffee time, and I love it. I love getting up and out (sort of) early in the morning. I love getting to know new ladies, not just from our church, but from the community.

Anker has had to re-apply for disability benefits, which means we have to stand in line for who knows how long tomorrow, and sign papers...again. ugh! Thankfully, the Ministry called us, which is awesome. Kudoos to them.

Hung out with H a few times, and he, Mom and I ran a few errands a couple of weeks back. I stayed and A and K's twice week, which was kind of fun.

I am really hoping our neighbours move out soon. They are annoying.

Sahara is pregnant. Yes, she got out while she was on/in heat (we didn't know for sure if she was spayed or not..was hoping to get it done after she was out of heat), and decided to be a kitty of the night for a few nights. Do you think we can sue the neighbours' (yes, the same ones we want gone) for kitty support? :)

We picked up my aunt and uncle's car from the airport, and had his car here for nearly three weeks, and then picked them up from the airport on BC Family Day. We went out for coffee, and had a nice chat.

My other aunt and uncle were in town on Sunday, and we had coffee with them Sunday evening. I went to their hotel room Monday aft/eve (she had eye surgery) and we had a nice chat for an hour or so.

Valentine's Day was quite nice. I went to church, then to the VDay Lunch that they had after. It was SO good!! I went to McD's and had a coffee, and journalled for a bit. Then, hubs and I went out for supper. We went to White Spot, and had a lovely supper, and then came home and went out for coffee later (see above).

After going to our church for nearly 10 years, and I have finally decided to become a member. I was going to become a member a few years ago, but there seemed to be a lot to it (they have since changed it...or I thought it was more than it really was), so when I went to our church's AGM yesterday (Tuesday), they asked if I wanted to be a member. So, I filled out the paperwork, and I just need the official approval, then it's done. Yay!

I had my eye exam a couple of weeks ago. Everything is good. I can get a new set of glasses if I want, but I really don't need to right now.

I went private for a few days on IG, but then I realized that I wasn't getting as much likes, and it wasn't nearly as much fun, so I went back to public. Meh...who cares if the crazies follow me? :)

I went to the ranch a few weeks ago (again, alone). It was a fun time. Well, it was a time :) LOL. It is always great to get home for a few days.

I might do some blog posts for Fertility Matters in the next while. I am not sure if my blog is what they need, but we shall see.

I won $60 in GC from our local radio station to a local market. That was totally fun. I will post links, and pics in my Friday Link up post. We had fun buy produce, and locally made things.

Hubby fixed my computer. I am so stoked. He took it part, y'all. He hardwired everything in, so that it hopefully doesn't have issues again. This makes me happy. That was partly why I wasn't blogging much....just didn't want to start a post, only to have the computer die.

Well, those are the highlights that I can think of for now. I am sure that there are more, but I will update in another post.


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