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I am joining in with http://www.carissagraham.com/ for MM, and also with http://www.jointhegossip.com/ for Join the Gossip Blog Hop/Link up. So, without further ado, here are some randoms.

1. I got stung for the first time in a LOOONG time over the wknd. It hurt for a while. I am such a baby. It was a Yellow Jacket, and I didn't know that they don't die after they sting you. He was finally killed by a spider. My hubby watched the battle.

2. We had a great wknd with family the last few days. I will do a proper re-cap tomorrow. People graduated, people had bdays. It was very moving. There were a lot of speeches made.

3. My "weekly re-cap" post will not be happening, as it was pretty much just go to work, come home, watch tv, and maybe run a few errands. Wednesday was the only interesting day. I met up with K, S and Bebop, and B and I played at a school playground for an hour while his mom did some work. I drove them to a coffee shop, dropped them off, went to library, ended up meeting up with them for coffee before I went to work. That pretty much sums up my wk.

4. Whenever I log on to my laptop for longer than a few minutes, I always bring up Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogger (and my friends), and of course, Facebook. You can just call me the Social Media Queen.

5. I may or may not have kept checking at my CBS app to see if a Royal Baby had been born.

6. How many blogs do you actually follow? How many do you actually read every day? Do you comment a lot? I think I follow about 50..I only really read a few every day. I try to comment, because it is nice when people comment on my stuff.

7. Can someone please explain to me what sponsored blogs/posts are? and how I can get in on them? Please? I really don't get/understand them.

8. I am thinking of trying out Mad Men and Modern Family. My cousin was telling me on how she like MF, so I may start it. I am still waiting for Downton Abby to become available from the library. It is taking awhile. I also have Hot in Cleveland on reserve. I will be watching a lot of TV (especially if I like the series) for the next while.

9. I am finding that I am get really tired of being with people, and I need some time just to chill. I didn't spend one minute alone this past wknd, which was fine, but I needed some time to chill alone last night.

10. I am in a strangely good mood today. Odd. It is Monday. It isn't overly nice out (although it is sunny with clouds). I got paid, though..so maybe that is why?

11. I deposited my chq, but the bank ate it..:) Oh well..at least bills are getting pd.

12. I don't understand on how people who look amazing, have kids, a job, and husband that has a good job complain; a friend on FB said that she was feeling unsettled. It is ALL I can do to not say anything similar to this.

13. I ate and drank too much sugar this wknd. I don't even know why I ate cake, since I don't really like it, unless it is a really good one; like a torte, or has yummy filling in it. I did have a good Black Forest Cake, though. I also didn't eat the whole thing, so go me!


Nicole said…
Re: #12... I think it's natural for all people to strive to want more for themselves, even if it seems like they have it all. I don't mean more money necessarily, but maybe someone who has money and is super busy needs more peace or something like that.
OH I know...It isn't meant to be mean...life is realitive...I hope I don't get hate email for that..lol
I got stung by something crazy looking in the Dominican Republic. Some kind of bee/wasp. It was so painful and my butt swelled up...of course I was stung on the side of my cheek lol!

Thanks for linking up :)
Thank you for visiting, Leanne:)
April said…
I follow 76 blogs, Today I read five, and yours was one of them, :)
Heather said…
Thanks for stopping by our blog so we could get to know you! Love the name of your blog; it had me curious.
Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

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