Our Love Story and Our Wedding

I have been wanting to do a wedding post, since I had seen one done on a blog awhile back, and since it is our anniversary on Saturday, I thought that today would be a good day to do it. I was just thinking that I should have probably have done a love story post; but since I don't have time this week (you know, with 5 on Friday, and Ten Things of Thankful, I am a very busy blogger!!), I will combine two in one. I also think that I have already done a post on our love story. But I will do the Readers Digest Version:

We met online (through a dating site), and chatted online over the summer of 2006. He had moved to our town from Alberta a year or so before, and was living in the church that he was attending. Well, I moved closer to where he lived; from one area of the city to another, and we started talking on the phone. A lot. Then we met. Our first date was a bit awkward, but we seemed to hit it off, so we met up again. We knew we wanted to get married in November, and December we were unofficially engaged, and in January, he gave me a ring!! Yah, I know, it was fast; maybe a little too fast.

We set the date for the end of July, and hence, the wedding planning started! Since I had wanted to be married since I was, oh I don`t know, 5, I couldn't wait to plan the wedding! I only wish the Pinterest at been around to have helped me with the wedding! I had fun planning the wedding, and lots of people came to our need and helped plan, gave us ideas, etc.

Date: July 27, 2007
Yah, we did things differently and got married on a Friday. The main reason was that my dad is a pastor, and we wanted him to rest the next day. I also wanted to get married in Sept/Oct (I wanted a fall wedding), but because people in our family were going to school, etc, the summer was the best time. It was also the HOTTEST day of the summer!

Place, Our Church we were (and still are) Going; Our Town

I originally wanted to get married around our farm, or at least near where I grew up, and to have our pictures on some of our property, but it didn't work out that way. In the end, it was a good idea, since only a few wks, prior, we all came home from Ontario from my brother and SIL's wedding, so going a couple of hours was a piece of cake. Our church was VERY gracious in hosting and providing the place, food, etc. We were very blessed.

Colour (s): Blue (with cream accents) Again, this was not my original colour, as I wanted green or purple, but we couldn't find attendants dresses in either of those colours, and when we found a really nice blue dress that fit our budget (less than $100) and fit each of the girls, well, I resigned to having that colour. Sadly, while scrolling through my pictures just now, I have VERY few where you could see the blue:(
Our cake that a friend for us made, practically for free. I think we had three different kinds, chocolate, vanilla, and lemon.
I still have some blue ribbons from our wedding. I took these today. see? blue:)

Attendants: 3 adults (for each of us), and 4 kids. That decision I was very happy with. (although I am not close with my MOH anymore..oh well). We had our niece, and my MOH's three kids.
This picture isn't the best. but it is a picture of all the adults in the wedding party. I had his sister, my sister, and my BFF. He had two guys from church (who we are still close to/with) and my brother.

Me and the girls:)

                                                                  My MOH's 2 of three kids

Our niece.

My MOH's two girls.

My Dress: I wasn't overly fussy about my dress. I really wanted a strapless one, but since I was (and still am) big, and we are in a small town and didn't have a ton of cash to spend on a dress, we had to with what fit, and what was in our budget. I will say that I LOVED the tiara that I got off eBay. I am really glad that I bought and wore it. Loved it.

Reception/Food. The reception was held in our church here in town (price:free!) and the food was made by some WONDERFUL ladies in the church. We decided to go with a "summer picnic" theme, and do ham, turkey (?) and potato salad, etc. I think the meat was pre-cooked and served cold, which was a great decision, and for ANY large or even small gathering, that is the way to go. Pre cook the meat before hand and serve cold. We didn't have a dance, or alcohol for obvious reasons. I wish we did have a dance, though. The reception was a total blast, and we were some of the last to leave. My lil cousin may or may not have been the one to have decided to TP our car. Sigh!!:)

Centre pieces/decorations: We had blue beta fish in small glass bowls filled with water and marbles for each table. That was a great decision. We also went all 80's and had blue and white bells, and streamers. I know, cheesy, but fun. I don't have any good pics of the fishies, so I won't bother to upload any where you can barely see them

Rings: Very simple from Walmart. Hey, we were poor, but honestly, we wouldn't have wanted them any different, and they haven't tarnished, and they still fit, we still have them (haven't lost them) and we just all around love them!!
Our rings. Can you see them?

Honeymoon: We spent the first night at a hotel in town, courtesy of some wonderful church friends. We came home, and we opened our gifts, and went camping for a week! We went to Cultus Lake, and then ended going into Burnaby/Vancouver and stayed at his sisters, while they were still away. We saw the Festival of Lights (fireworks) and had a great time! It was great to end off in a place where there was a bathroom and running water.

                                     Our tent. I miss it, taking only a few minutes to put up.
One of the highlights of our trip was mini-golfing. I know, we are simple, like that.

Hubby had fun. We also went twice, as we won a free round.

Our campsite.

                                                     Cultus Lake. It was soooo gorgeous!
This is one of the few lakes that hubby can actually swim in, as he doesn't like cold water.
 Cultus Lake is a great place. It has waterslides, the lake, mini golf, and little stores all through out the park/area. The campground itself was good. Not too busy, but a bit too open for our liking. But it was a good place and we would go back.
 What I would do differently:
I am sure reading over this that you are thinking that I have regrets over my decisions of my wedding (colours, time of year, etc), but the only thing that I would do differently was have a different photographer. It was on the cusp of everyone going digital, so I wish that I had found someone that had already gone digital, and that would/who could do some touch-ups (my face was always red and sweaty in most of the pictures). I wish we had a different location of the pictures, and I wish we had done more fun poses.
That being said, it was a wonderful day, and I often wish we could go back and do it again.
Well, I think that about dose it for the wedding post:) I hope you all enjoyed it. If you are my friend on FB, you can have a look at some more on my page.


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