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Well, it has been a bit of a week. I am VERY stressed as to what I should do and where we should move (or if we should move), my trying to find more permanent work, etc. I actually had a couple of down days. I NEED to know where God wants us...sigh. Hubby would love to move to the country; he would love a dog; he needs more down time...I need a job that it relevant to my schooling, that I enjoy, and that brings money in. I am going to wait it out for the summer..most places that I want to apply (or reapply) to will be hiring in the fall, anyway. So, I just need to rest IN the Lord, be patient, and try to enjoy the summer.

So, on to my magazine/book post:)

I actually blame my mom for my addiction love of magazines. When I was a child, Mom loooved (and seemed to have more time, not sure how, since she had three littles) magazines. Her favourite was Good Housekeeping. She would keep them for recipes, tips, etc. That was before the internet, where you HAD to keep them if you wanted to well, keep the information. She kept most of her back issues in the sewing room where I would spend hours  some time down there reading. My favourite articles in GH were a regular column called "My Problem, and how I solved it". I would re-read them and re-read them. I am still sad that GH doesn't run them anymore. She also loved Ladies Home Journal, Shape, and Chatelaine (the Canadian to RedBook, which she also loved). So, I blame her. Totally.

 Well, I to this day love them. I am a very tactile person. Sure, I love reading the headlines on TV/the Net, but I love to get a copy of a magazine in my hand, sit down with a coffee, or tea, and relax and read. I love People, US Weekly, RedBook, Cosmo, Glamour, Chatelaine, Canadian Living, well, pretty much any or all of them. I also LOVE Women's World. Even to this day, if I don't have ANY money to spring for a more expensive mag, I will somehow scrounge around for enough money to by a WW. I actually didn't by ANY magazine last week, not even a WW. Oh well. This isn't to say that I buy EVERY magazine out there..I usually buy a 10 or so  few every month, and then I get the rest from the library. So, I definitely can spend hours time reading magazines during the day. At one time, a few years ago (before I was married), I had about 6 magazines delivered to my house a month. True story. I used to keep a TON of magazines, but I finally decided to get rid some. I still keep a few special ones, but for the most part, I get rid of them after a few weeks or months. I also tend to read magazines that I buy right away, whereas if I get them from the library, then I tend to take much longer in reading them..but it sometimes it can and does go the other way around.

So, on to books. I don't really remember my first full book that I read. I know I read a lot of the Baby Sitters Club. Please don't judge me. It was my era:) But as far as "adult" books (no, NOT those kind!), I think my first book was probably one of the Janette Oke series. Probably the first one was Love Comes Softly. My brother may or may not have read her Seasons of the Heart series. Other than our love of playing music, and of course, our love for God, Mom and Dad passed down their love for reading. My grandpa LOVED to read. During his last few years on earth, while he was really sick, he spent HOURS reading. Mom would spend HOURS reading to us in the evening. If you can get a hold of it, try and find Rainbow Valley (not the Anne of Green Gables version). I think it was written by Christmas Carol, or Carol Christmas, or someone. A very good book, and a great book to read aloud to your kids. I think I was in my early teens when she read it us. I remember really loving it. We would spend hours at the library, finding just the perfect book for us.  For the most part, Mom let us read pretty much what we wanted, unless it had something to do with witchcraft and evil spells, etc. For instance Mom would prefer that the boys (I say prefer because they are older and she really doesn't have a say in what they read..well, I guess "I" is still underage) they not read Harry Potter, but she has allowed them to read the Hunger Games series, and they also have read the LOTR series. Mom and the kids still go there, especially during the school year. K and Bebop go as often as I can. They both just love books.

 I love Danielle Steel, as formulated as she is for a secular author, and Beverly Lewis in Christian fiction. I think my favourite author is Francine Rivers. I LOOOOVE her books:)I think my favourites of hers are Redeeming Love, and the Atonement Child. I also would read "obscure"/stand alone books, like Secret Daughter (very good, btw), and A Soldiers Wife. That being said, I don't usually read "obscure" books, as they don't really tend to hold my interest. I have also started and stopped more books than I care to say. I did start on a book at Christmas, which I didn't finish. I also started on The Notebook, which I didn't finish.  The book has to really capture my attention within the first few pages, or I put it down. I have, gotten half way into a book, and put it down, for which I feel guilty, but there are so many books to read, that life is wasted by reading a book you don't like right? I am still trying to finish The Mercy. I have also got Safe Haven from the library. I will try and read that one, as I want to watch the movie, and I have it on hold. I have read (and I bought it) and loved The Help. I may or may not have thought about getting into the Fifty Shades of Grey series. I go through months-years even- without reading a book, then I will suddenly read and read for a few months or so. Is anyone else like that? Well, I guess that about sums it up for this post. I should go and get on to reading my book that is WAY overdue at the library.

I will do a 5 on Friday and Weekly Wrap up Tomorrow.

PS...please tell me, what are your favourite books or magazines?


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