Girls Getaway (not really a full) Wknd!

My sisters and I usually do a couple of girls days during the year. We usually do them here in town, and they are pretty fun. This year, we upped the ante, you know, because we are cool and fun like that. We were missing one sister, as she is in Calgary, but she was with us in spirit!!!

My SIL, C's family has a cabin about an hour away in a lake. I had never been to this particular lake before (well, maybe when I was child we picked berries near there or something), so not only was I going away with "my girls", I was also going somewhere where I had never been before. Double fun!

I had to work Saturday, which was a bit of a bummer, but am thankful for the job, so I won't complain. I just wish that I had more time up there. Anyway..the girls left their end around 930, and had some time before I got there.

Anker drove me half way, where C and V met us, and we continued on. As soon as we got there, we jumped in the lake. It was SO beautiful:) I went in a total of 4 times, within less than 24 hours. I could honestly live there. All Summer.True Story. The cabin is great, too. It is fueled by propane, so if we want, we could light lights, and we had a fridge, and stove.

We four each took a meal, or part of a meal and snacks, which made things easier. V cooked dinner, of meatloaf patties, and I brought some asparagus to the meal. I think I have my new favourite wine. It was very good! Galiano from California; so good. I am not one for wine, but this was really good.

After cleaning up, we all sat around and read magazines and chatted. We went outside around 10 or so, and had s'mores. If you don't like carrying the chocolate and cookies, try to find either chocolate covered cookies or graham crackers. They are very good! We had had a nice chat, and time around the fire. We may or may not have gone skinny dipping after it got dark!! Had more s'mores and more chatting, and more time around the fire. Went back inside and had hot chocolate, read more mags and made our beds and read some more and went to sleep. I apparently tried to spoon my sister. LOL

Woke up the next morning, and had a lovely swim. Had breakfast, which I was in charge of, which consisted of burnt pancakes, eggs, and strawberries. Another yummy meal and conversation was had. After clean up, I left to back out for another swim, and time in the sun on the dock. We ate lunch, got dressed and cleaned up the cabin and came home. A & K drove me home, as they had to come into town anyway.

We ended up going to the mall, since he accidently missed the exit to come to our house, so I got to spend some time with Bebop. He bought me an iced tea and cookie (btw, Blenz iced tea is actually good). Wasn't that nice of him?

I came home to a grumpy hubby, so after a nap, I left and went to the park for awhile. I read my book, and enjoyed the sun. I was actually quite sad that I couldn't stay longer, and I hope to go back sometime. I was feeling a little sorry for myself on Sunday night, wishing that I was there, and having a grumpy

And so far this week...

Monday, I spent the day glued watching the TV regarding the new Royal Baby. Yes, I am one of those people that LOVE the Royal Family. I remember when Will was born. I went to work, when I was finished I went and got a McD's iced coffee (only a dollar, which you can't beat), and went to the park to read my books, and magazines, and again, to enjoy the sun. I FINALLY finished THE MERCY yesterday at work. I am now starting (and LOVING) Nicholas Sparks' book, SAFE HAVEN. After the park, I came home and hubby and I had dinner. I just relaxed all evening, and bonded with my PVR. Today I also spent the morning glued watching the TV, in hopes that I could see Will and Co coming out with their baby..sadly, however, I had to go to an apt, so I left before they came out. But the news is a wonderful thing, so I got to see it then:) It worked for me!  I spent this afternoon at the park, which was wonderful. The river was much warmer than last time I was there. My friend came and joined me, which was really nice. I don't mind doing stuff alone (hubby is a hermit, and likes to stay home), but I also like to do things with others sometime. I did some laundry and the Laundromat (easier than getting tokens this round), grabbed a drink while I waited, and came home. Hubby and I had a coupon for a free Value Meal and burger at McD's so we had supper for $3!! We came home and I have been relaxing all evening, which is nice. I also discovered that I have a nasty sunburn, so I will have a great day tomorrow, I am sure! I took today off, as I needed to have a day to just "chill". Am planning on just hanging out tomorrow until I have to go work.

Sorry so short; I didn't think that I would do a half week wrap up.

Here are a few pics from the wknd.. Sadly, my camera died almost as soon I got there, and my phone didn't last much longer than that...but I did manage to get a, here they are...
The moon. It was nearly a full one, and so pretty!

The fire. I am glad we were able to go then, as the are is now in a fire ban:(

Adams Lake

The yummy wine.

Yummy supper, made by my sister:)
The Cabin. Isn't it cute?

Yah, it's a selfie. So sue me:) This was last night, I think. Me at the park enjoying the sun:)
Oh, and I took a screen shot of a todays it was every so lovely and hot..


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