5 on Friday; 10 Things of Thankful Link up Party!!

I had to really think of what to say for 5 on F and 10TT:) I haven't had the greatest week. I am REALLY stressed about work (well, looking for another job in the fall), where or if we should move, and finances. I am working off of 4 hours' of sleep. We also have a family wknd this wknd. It took me awhile to think up 5-10 things that I am thankful for/that are my favs for the wk, but once I started, I couldn't stop, and I will have to save some for next week:)

Anyhoo...in no particular order, here they are:)


My Groups on FB. belong to and am involved in about 4 infertility groups on FB, including one I have made myself. I love it. I love being able to connect with other ladies who are going through similar struggles. Honestly, it is has been a life safer (or a life saner!!)


I love having my brother who I can talk to about things related to my field. He is in similar field as me, and when I am having a hard time with making decisions regarding my field, or having a tough time, such as last night, I love knowing that he is there, and he is a listening ear.


I spent some time with this little guy this week. Yah, he's a charmer:)
He and I spent sometime in a school playground, then we all ended up going out and having milkshakes at Denny's. Mom had just picked up the G-rents, and we all had some fun before going out separate ways.
This is kind of two parted...1) I stood up to two people this week. I am very happy with myself. 2) My coworker decided that she would work for me. I am SOOO very happy:) I get the whole wknd off with family!!!
Whoever invented The Little Green Plug is a genius!!
I discovered (well, was told of) a new app this week..Zedge.com. Love it! They have wall papers, ringtones...aaand it's free! Yes, it is!! I believe they have one for Android and for iPhone.
I get paid from my old/new job today. And that I have a new (old) job! I am very blessed. I am also able to buy a few things that I have waiting for me at the store. I actually only bought one thing, as I really can't afford both of them at the moment..but, I will get the DVD on Monday, I think.
My Avon Products. There are three that I am using that I just love..
Extra lasting lip colour. Love it. They also taste and smell good, too.

Apricot and Shea butter Body Wash. It is like spreading apricot jam all over. True story.
This is Avon's version of their BB Cream. I have only used it once, but I really like it. It doesn't go on (or feel) heavy.
I love these new Fruit and Oat Cookies from Starbucks:) I get them nearly every time I go there. True story. Love them. And they have fruit and nuts, so that makes them healthy, right? RIGHT??
Yes, I take pictures of my food. So sue me.
I am thankful for Jeremiah 29:11. I REALLY need to read that over, and over, and over again right now. Did I mention I was stressed? Yup, I need that verse right now. That is actually my life verse. I have re-read that over, and said that over again to myself.
And that is over this week. There are a few more things that I could mention..I am looking forward to reading Nicholas Sparks' book Safe Haven that I borrowed from the library. I am loving the show Friends right now (well, I always love that show, but I am watching it again right now), and I am done SSN 3, and waiting for SSN 4 from the library. I will save those officially for next week, though. I know, my blogs are always too long. My apologies:)
I have been busy this morning; packing; organizing Anker to finish packing; writing cards and wrapping gifts. A certain Little Miss turned one last week, and I wanted to send her a gift, so I am getting that ready to ship to with G&G when they go back. Who else is getting excited about the Royal Baby? Yes, I am..maybe. Just a bit. You know. For Morale.
Happy Friday!


Considerer said…
Friends is Hilarious.

That Jeremiah verse is VITAL.

I love your Ten Things, and especially that you posted them when you weren't really feeling like it. It seems to be most rewarding when it's a real challenge to write.

Don't forget to share your link now the hop's gone live :) Lovely to have you with us.

And yes, that cookie's clearly TOTALLY healthy. Enjoy :D
I see NO problem with taking pictures of food...no judging here!

Thanks for a great list...and L.O.V.E. the Jeremiah verse, BTW.

Thanks for sharing.
The addition of fruit and/or nuts makes ANYTHING healthy. That's how my son justifies apple pie as healthy, and who am I to argue?

Hope this week is a better one for you!
in the coop said…
It is so wonderful to have people to support you, understand you, and help you when you need it. It's especially nice when that support comes from a family member.

I've been watching Friends reruns myself lately. Chandler Bing cracks me up.

Perfect scripture.

Hope your coming week is easier for you.

I am glad you still chose to write your thankful list, even though it was a rough week. I think it's most beneficial to do so when it is hardest to do.
icansaymama said…
I think it is awesome that you could put togehter such a lovely list although you were so stressed out! This is really what this blog hop is all about! :-)
I just reread this post, and I saw that I missed a word. It looked like I was waiting for FRIENDS to get from the library, when in fact I have all 10 seasons. Not sure what I was referring to here..oops

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