Christmas Tour of our House; SUYL. (and maybe a Christmas recipe or two)

Hi everyone (again)!

I have been slacking off in the blog link ups as well; including SUYL. I completely forgot about last wks SUYL, which was on Christmas recipes. The week before i purposely missed, as I in a very grumpy mood. Moving on.

So, this week it is Christmas Tours of homes. I AM NOT by ANY means claim to be a Martha Steward, and I have been VERY jealous when I see people who have the decorating bug, and who are able to have nice homes to show their skills in. Oh well...c'l've, right? LOL I do what I can with what we have been given, and what we can afford:)

I do love decorating, for Christmas, or other wise, though:) I thought it would be fun to show/share some pictures of our lil place all decorated up for the season.

Our wreath. It is on the inside of our house. We have had it up all year. It isn't that Christmass-y, is it?

                                                                          The tree.
                    Stockings. We will take them to my parents when we go there for Xmas.

                                                       Last years tree topper.

 The display on the top of the bookshelf. I have had something similar all year, but I wanted to change it up a bit. A friend of mine gave me this little church ornie YEARS ago, and I still use it every year. My grandpa painted the winter wonderland picture.
                                                    Our version of ELF ON THE SHELF.

                                                          The display on our bookshelf.
                                                   Yes, I love taking pictures of our tree:)
                                    I saw this on Pinterest once. It isn't as pretty, but I like it.

                                                            Our clean table.

                                                        I love this one. One of our favs!
 Our SIL made this for us last year. Isn't it sweet. We didnt have a tree last year, so I had this on the little tree that sat on our shelf.
                                                           Anker loves the birds:)
                                                    Our Christmas tree topper this year.

                     I put the rest of the ornaments in a bowl. I love it how it looks.
                                                                Our Christmas movies.
                                                 Just a touch of Christmas in the bathroom.
                                                 Our head board with the lights on it.


Ruth said…
I love the red and blue lights on your tree.
I love your decorations. All I got up this year was the tree!!! truth be told I didn't even decorate that...Nate did.

I love the painting your grandfather did.

Also your version of elf on the shelf!!!

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