Life Lately, Weekend Shenanigans, and Misc Monday Link Ups

Linking up with Blair.
Happy Monday!! I hope you had a good wknd. Mine was pretty sweet:)
I am linking up my "regulars" this wk for my weekly link ups:)

I am having a bit of a rough Monday, actually. I am mainly frustrated with life, my job search, my lack of healthy life (eating, exercise, etc) skills, our finances, and yes, even some people. There seems to be always too much to do; this Saturday will mark the third Saturday IN A ROW that we will be busy, nearly all day, and some of the evening, and I got myself double booked on that day as well. I know, I know, so many people want a piece of me:)

I just need to trust God in EVERY area of our lives. It is HARD!!!! I trust, and give it to Him, then I take it back. Nice, April, right? At least He takes it whenever I ask, right?

I am also going to try to eat healthier. I HAVE to. I don't have a choice, really. I started off the day with two pieces of white toast (we had to get rid of it) and two eggs. Yum!!!

I also got Sugar Reduced Creamer (French Vanilla) and some healthy(ier) stuff last night. Hubby has been drying prunes and raisins:) Yummy! Not sure what we are going to have for supper.

Linking up with Carissa

So...MM....hmm...well, I already told you about my (sort of) frustrating morning. I also owe $20 to the library. Oops! Because they don't have debit (and I had no time to get out cash), I couldn't pay my bill. I also called the KBIA for Anker this morning, and since his worker wasn't there, they couldn't help me! I don't think I got the job I interviewed for, and when I tried to call them, she wasn't available. Also, last night (well, this morning (3:30 am) our lovely neighbour who leaves for work likes to rev his truck A LOT before leaving. Nice. He has been complained about a few times, and we are all up to HERE (picture my head..haha) with it. GAA! I tried to talk to the guy who manages our complex, and of course, his wife just had a baby, so he isn't there. Nice. The lady that is taking over for him isn't there (of course), so the poor Admin Assistant got an ear full from me! And I can't even get a coffee (SBX or anywhere)! There are some other things too that are frustrating me, that I won't post on here...not yet, anyway.

Two good things happened today; when I went to put in my quarter for the parking meter, there was already time in it...yay! And I also got a People Mag and US Weekly Mag from the library; ones that I hadn't bought....and I got (FINALLY) the third season of DA! I am so stoked!!! I was very nearly finished with Hot in Cleveland Season three, but I HAD to take it back today, with only a few eps! I am also thinking of getting into Duck Dynasty. Is it worth it? Since finding out they are Christian, I have wanted to try them out (actually, I had thought of trying to watch it even before I found out). I have reserved a couple of seasons at the library. Also, has anyone watched THE CITY?? I may get into it as well....hmm.....

I am going to re-start job searching again...this is soo frustrating!!! I hope something comes up SOON!

I have been spending more time in Pinterest would think that with over 10K pins that I would have a lovely decorated house (living off the grid, of course!!) make lovely gourmet food, have the perfect marriage (and other relationships), and be perfect. Yah, no:)

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Ok, let's get to the fun part of the blog, shall we?

Friday: I don't know what I did in the morning; I think I ran some errands, I honestly have no clue, that is just how eventful my Friday was:) I worked in the afternoon, and then went to meet up with a friend to drop off her Avon stuff that she ordered. I had a free drink coupon from SBX that I decided to use, so I had a drink, journalled and read my mags. I went to the store next door to grab bread for sandwiches for the next day (more on that in a minute), and I decided to spend time looking through the new magazines; including the holiday cooking ones! I LOVE doing that!! I went to BB&B (did I tell you we have one here? I don't normally go, but they have been having some good sales lately, so I have gone a couple of times in the last while, oh and I got our friends' wedding gifts from there), to return a pillow I got for hubby (exchange). I went home and relaxed for the evening. I boiled eggs for the sandwiches the next day, and relaxed and went to bed. It was quiet in our complex, which was nice.

Saturday: I woke up, went to the store to grab a coffee and some margarine (we were out, and I knew it was going to be a coffee-from-a-store-kind-of-day). I may or may not have gone in my PJ's:) Made the egg salad and assembled the sammies, got ready to go to the funeral, and then worked for a couple of hours. I came home, got hubby, and went to the funeral. The funeral was of our lovely and dear friend and Pastor to Seniors Babs, who died from Cancer last month. It was so sad. It was a lovely (and short!) service, which was nice. Enjoyed (way too many) treats and too may glasses of iced tea, found my forgotten sandwiches, brought them out (and they were eaten, btw), and came home and relaxed all evening. I got caught up on my movies and shows that I had got from the library. It was another quiet evening in the complex, for which we are very thankful for.

Sunday: I went to church alone; hubby was too tired, and since I was helping with Sunday School, I didn't push it (to be fair, he HAD been in church the day before). I left pretty much (um, ok before) church ended, as I was meeting up with my friend who was going to her parents to pick up her dog. The kids were out of Sunday School (and church was not yet out), and most of them had gone back in to their parents (we will often do that, just let them go back in for the last few mins of the service), so I left. My friend had I had a lovely afternoon. We got Timmies Smoothies (yummy) and some donuts, and off we went. I got to meet her parents (I had met them before, but only for a few minutes a few years back), and we had a fun afternoon! The drive there and back was so beautiful! I wish I had brought my camera. They have a beautiful house (I wish I had brought my camera to take pics of their house alone), lovely bathrooms, kitchen, and living room, were gorgeous! And her parents was so sweet!!! We left around 3:30 and came home via a back road that I hadn't been on in a long time. SO beautiful:) We came back into town, both hungry, and so we went for supper. SO good! We had supper at Senor Froggy. It is a Mexican (semi) Fast Food joint. I was kind of healthy and I had taco salad. Yummy!!! She was getting late for an apt, so she dropped me off at Walmart, and she went on her way. I wandered around, and got a few things we needed, and met up with hubby who picked me up. I came home and parked myself on the bed all evening. I am SLOWLY catching up on my PVR`d shows. I watched two wks worth of Battle of the Blades, Friday`s Y&R, a few Judge Judy`s, and an episode of I`m Having their Baby. I ended the night by watching The Amazing Race. #keeponracing my butt:)

I think that pretty much covers my wknd!


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