Tell us Tuesday-Cooking Class/Show and Tell with April

 I am linking up with  Courtney over at  One Fine Wire for this weeks TuT:) I have decided to do a show and tell (with picture) of what I made (up) last night for supper!! I thought it would be neat to TELL YOU about a new recipe that I tried (and made up), on TELL US TUESDAY. Get it?

First off, though a little picture from my phone to show you how cold it was this morning at 8 am:)
That's correct. 3C. That is COLD!!! It is now 10C.

We didn't have a whole ton to work with as far as groceries right now, and we don't have the money to buy more stuff until next Monday, but I wanted something KIND OF healthy, so I decided (after an hour of being home, laying on the bed watching JJ eps) that I would make an adult version of mac n cheese. Well, there isn't much "adult" in it, except garlic, onions, and Havarti cheese, which some kids may not like. But other than that, there isn't any "adult" ingredients. Sadly, I don't have any measurements (I rarely do in cooking), and please excuse my small/messy kitchen.

                                                   Adult Version Mac n' Cheese

Macaroni (duh). I think I used about 2 cups, which was enough for Anker and I (plus he had seconds, and there are leftovers).
This was the first batch of ingredients, then I decided to add the Zucchini

Mustard, garlic (about two small cloves), onion (I used about a 1/4), Harvarti Cheese, Mild Cheddar Cheese, Light Cream, Zucchini, and butter, oh and ham (or some other meat).
I cut up the ham, like this.

                                                           And I fried it, to heat it up.
I crushed up the garlic, and chopped the onion...

....and fried them together with olive oil.
While the macaroni was cooking (please us a larger pot than I did. I had transfer it over to a larger pot, and thus had to wash two macncheese filled pots:)

Harvati...yum! This melted quite well. I would probably use more than I did, though.

                                     I am not sure on how much cheese I used..not
I grated the zucchini. I put everything on the plate before putting it over the macaroni.

First in goes the butter (or margarine), and cream..I used a bit too maybe only a quarter of a cup of cream, or less.
As you can see, I had to transfer it over to a larger pot. Then in goes the cheeses.

Followed by zucchini, ham, garlic, and onion, and the mustard.

I also added peas to mine.

A better shot.
I think it turned out well. Anker is a pretty picky eater, and he had seconds, so I was impressed by how it turned out.
I went out for coffee (McD's this time) with a friend. We had a two hour chat. I was able to share with her with has been going on. It was great to have someone to talk to in person who understands, or at least can appreciate what I am going through. I felt a bit better after talking with her.
Baby Ice cream cone for .30. Perfect size for that late at night.
McD's PSL. I like it:)
I came home and had a hot Bubble Bath. Yes, one of the reasons I like fall and winter. Cool weather=hot (bubble) baths!
I ended the night with chocolate and doing my nails with some new NP that I got from my friend in our group. JJ+Pink Nail Polish Manicure+Chocolate=the end of a great day/night!
Pretty Pink nail polish:) This picture doesn't do it justice! I LOVE the colour!
I got my parcel from my friend L yesterday.
Necklace, mirror, lipstick and lipstick holder, earrings, and a towel gift.

I don't know for what it is. I think it is wrap of some kind.

                     I am going to use the mirror for my purse compact. It even matches!
See? It's a mirror.

My necklace and my nails this morning.
Well, that is all for now. As usual, it was longer than I had anticipate. Oh well:) And yes, some of this will be going on my Fof, TToT:)


Mary Hill said…
You should try the Tuesday Two Shoe's hop It is a lot of fun. It is a small hop; so, we could use another creative on the team.
Hi, your mac and cheese looks good. You should pin your recipe of Pinterest :)Love your polish and that was nice of your friend to send you stuff. I have not seen one of those lipstick cases in like forever!!! Maybe the wrap is for the pool??? Pretty necklace :)
I found out what the towel is is for after I have a bath/shower, and yes probably for the beach and pool...but you wear it:) Yah, I was thinking of doing that as well...pinning it:)

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