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I have decided that unless I have had an awesome exciting week, that I will not do my weekly wrap ups. I will do a few highlights, and that is all. It is too much for me to do them, too boring, and I think that the other link ups pretty much take care of it.

So, this Monday, I am linking up with Wild and Precious for Life Lately link up, Sami for Weekend Shenanigans, and Carissa for Misc Monday. I see that two of them haven't posted yet, but that is ok, I will do my post, and put my link up if and when they decide to do them this week. I know it is a holiday, so they may not even go up, which is totally fine:)

So, today, was VERY lazy!!! I didn't even get out of my PJ's until 2. I watched TV (a lot of channels were doing Marathons of something or another), and a movie that I have PVR'd last month. I went out to grab salad for our LD BBQ:) I love lazy days. I feel guilty, since I think I should be doing something, but I love them anyway.

Fall drinks are out at Starbucks. I am so happy. They brought them out a couple of days early, since everyone was wanting them. I had a Salted Caramel Mocha, accompanied with a Salted Caramel Cake Pop. Yum! I spent time reading one of my books that I am STILL reading after nearly two months.

                                                                  Salted caramel Mocha
My reading:)

Salted Caramel Mocha Cake Pop

I actually got hubby out of the house. To a function! Our ladies had an end of the summer bbq.  The ladies brought their men, which brought hubby out:) Everyone else brought food, and it was a great time! We had four salads, chips, cheezies, hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream. Yum! Even after most of the men left, Hubby stayed on while the rest of the ladies who stayed and visited with us. We had  a lot of fun. I am very glad I went. I almost didn't.

Sunday, we stayed home from church. Hubby put up a new shower curtain liner that I had bought a few weeks ago, and I hadn't got up to doing it yet. He was so sweet, and didn't even tell me until after it was done. We had a nice day...we watched Life Of Pi, and a few other odds and ends on TV. We ran to the dollar store, and came home and hung out..

I am into Downton Abby now. I finished season one, and I am waiting for season 2 to become available to me at the library.
I find myself completely involved in the story line. There are a lot of characters, but I seem to be keeping them straight.
I have been having strange headaches lately. I don't know why. I had it for nearly a week. I never get headaches (except when I got sick 3 years ago).
On Sunday, I baked this cookie to have for breakfast. Hubby goes out early in the morning, and doesn't eat breakfast. When I saw this on my favourite cooking show, I thought I would try it. I ended up making them into bars, because I accidentally doubled the recipe, and I didn't want to spend HOURS forming 1 million cookies:) They turned out great:) I had popcorn for supper! Hubby wanted me to watch nearly 3 hours of tv about Mermaids. Did anyone else watch it?
I also did 4 loads of laundry this weekend. I have only folded about 2 (plus one load I had done earlier in the week).
Saturday, I spent the morning relaxing at home. I met the girls for coffee and was sad to discover that my new fav summer drink was gone:( Had a nice visit with them. I also went grocery shopping (well, more like baking supply shopping) , and I went to the library, and then I went to V@lue V1llage, and I picked up 6 new magazines for just over $5!!!  It was such a nice day that I grabbed a slurpee, and went to the park. I had a lovely time spending time in the sun, reading:)  Came home, had a bath and got in my PJ's. In my PJ's by 6 pm? Oh yes I did! We had stroganoff for supper on Saturday evening. I also made gluten free muffins, which were kind of gross.
My Saturday afternoon reading in the sun.
I really miss my family. I wish we could all be together this weekend.....:( Stupid college and mission trips taking them away:( lol:)
We are done BB Season 5. I can't wait until Sept 27 until season 6 comes out. I can't seem to find the episodes on tv, and we don't have Netflix (Canadian NF isn't has good as US NF, anyway), so we can't watch it on there. Amazing Race Canada is on tonight (it is actually on now, but I will watch it when I am done blogging). I love that show! I also love The Little Couple! And Duggars are coming back! I know the Duggars are a little strange (although I have been homeschooled, lived on a farm, am a Christian, didn't believe in dating etc), but they make even my family look worldly! Although have you noticed that the girls do wear make up?
Did anyone watch the train wreck that is the VMA's? (including MC?) What a joke that was.
I am feeling overwhelmed by all the movies I want to watch, my TV shows that I record, all the mags that I buy/borrow, blogging, facebooking, cleaning my house, laundry, instagramming, pinteresting, twittering, the books I am trying to read (I am still ploughing through two), running errands, trying to keep up with friends and family thru phoning (I owe a bunch of people phone calls), spending time with hubby, looking for work, church, connect with friends in person, time with/for myself, time with God, and my current job! I know...my life is crazy!!
My house is a mess, but I have little desire to clean it. Does that make me a bad person?
I am actually kind of stressed right now. Neighbours that are too loud, wanting to move to our own place, trying to find a job, etc.
I have always had problems with bad foot calluses (I spent my childhood in bare feet, and I rarely wear sock in the summer). I am starting to use Intensive Callus Cream by Avon F00t W0rks, and I think it is working.
I am into FRIENDS right now. I have all 10 seasons, and I do watch them regularly, but I am watching it at night as I go to bed.
We have new (noisy) neighbours in the complex down below. Ugh! They just moved in yesterday, and I am sure they are super-nice people, but they like to blast their music from their truck...LOUDLY! Hubby had to yell at them last night, because they were so loud. I think that fixed the problem now (did I mention that it was at 10 at night?)
I really love Be the Boss, and now there is a Canadian edition. I am loving this show!
Well, I think that is enough ramblings for now. I know, I have gone on longer than I wanted. As usual, I am too wordy:( I am sorry.
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April said…
You were raised with the courtship view of finding a spouse? Did you observe that yourself, or was dating okay when you got older? Just curious about your perspective since I came from a Christian schooled, go to church twice on Sunday, dating family.
Jessica said…
YES for starbucks!! so happy they have Pumpkin spice lattes again! :) visiting from Blair's link up :)


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