FOF/TTOT/Random 5/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Happy Friday!

I have decided to lump all 4 topics (including TTOT for tomorrow) all in one today. I have lots to say, apparently:)

I am just going to lump everything together:)
1. I found out last night online that I have a free drink at Starbucks. Of course, I am going to use that today.
2. I was a good girl, and I only got one magazine this week.  I get Woman's World. I love this little mag.
It is under $3, and if I buy it at Costco, it is only $1.60 True Story
3. I am enjoying a great smoothie this week.
Greek Yogurt, O@sis Juice (I have used Cranberry in the past, but this is a veggie/fruit combo, it is just as good)., and Mixed Berries!
Doesn't it look DELISH??! Plus it looks really pretty in my Vancouver C@nucks Glass:) I don't know how healthy it is, as I think it has a lot of sugar, but it has fruit and yogurt, right?
4. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a pair of $3 PJ's at W@lmart. I love them, and I am very tempted to go back and get a couple more pairs. They are very comfy, and they fit.

5. I mentioned this earlier this week, but this is a different link up, so I am going to talk about my new sheets. I bought them at J!sk last Saturday. I love them! They match our autumn-coloured/themed duvet cover. I love to mix and match sheets. The bottom is purple, and the flat is a yellow. Love it.

6. I got nominated for the Liebster Award! I feel so honoured!!! Thank you, Sky-Ann for the nomination!

7. I have been a Mel@lauca user (and used to be distributer) for years, and I love the stuff. The other day, I cleaned the bathroom, and there was a stain in our sink that has been there for awhile (due to the water running for kitty). I have tried to clean it before, but to no avail. This time, I tried to again, and it worked! I used Tub and Tile, and I soaked the cloth with the stuff, and let it sit on the stain for a few minutes. When I removed it, there was very little of the stain left, and it just took a few slight scrubs to get rid of the rest of it. That just made me so happy!
8.1 As I said earlier this week, our ladies bible study got started up on Tuesday. I didn't go much at all last year, and I was a little sad. I always love meeting up with the ladies. On Sunday when I don't go to church, I feel like that is my church.
8.2. We are starting on this series for the next 5 wks. It looks really good.
9. I had fun the other day taking pictures of old family pictures for Throwback Thursday (and just for general fun on FB). My gramma put together an album for me when we got married, plus I used a bunch more that I had. I had such fun looking through them. Even Anker had fun looking through them.
10. Payday for me was on Monday! I paid some long overdue bills. That made me VERY happy!! I am also in good standing with Avon again, which means I get to order again! Yay!!! (I guess that is three in one, right?)
1. Remember the St@rbucks PSL10 Tumbler that I bought? Well, I discovered yesterday that there is condensation in the cup (btwn the plastic and the paper surrounding the cup). I took it back, thinking that it had been a manufacturing problem, and they gave me another one. Well, I quickly rinsed it out, and sure enough, I can see water already seeping btwn the plastic and the inside design. Clearly, there is a problem. I went on their FB page to lodge a complaint.
2. We are almost done BBT Season 6. I am also done DA Season 2. Loved both of them:)
3. Fall TV starts NEXT week! There are SO MANY shows that I want to watch, which isn't normally like me. BBT, GA, Amazing Race, Battle of the Blades (Canada's version of DWTS), JJ, Y&R, MasterChef JR (I really want to start watching that...can you imagine Ramsey with kids?), I'm Having their Baby, Hwy Thru Hell, The Duggars, and The Little Couple, The Rick Mercier Report (I think it is similar to The Colbert Report), and Canada's Worst Driver! I like Don't Drive Here. I think there were a few more that I want to watch, but I can't remember. I know...too much tv, right?
4. It is still summer-type weather here. I love it!!! That being said, we had a HUGE day of rain on Monday. It was fun hearing and watching it.
5. I follow way too many blogs. I only read a few a day. How many blogs do you follow/read?

That's all for this week, folks!!! I like the idea of combining all 4 LU's/topics together:) I may do it once in awhile.
BONUS: I got myself a "screamer", which is ice cream and a slurpee mixed together. I haven't had a lot this summer, and it was a hot day, so I wanted to grab them while they were still around. It was wonderful. I sat out on our green space at home and read for a bit, and drank my pre-supper appetizer!



Barb said…
Hi April, You've been busy, busy - I like your sheets. I'm now hooked on the Tazo chocolate chai mix I bought at Starbucks. It's delish. Fall is definitely here at high altitude - snow on the peaks this AM!
Veronica Roth said…
Oh my gosh, I forgot that magazines are so much cheaper at Costco! Love it when I get the free drink at Sbux; I pay for way too many chai teas. Oh, don't you love it when they give you that fill-it-out-on-line-for-a-free-tall-drink coupon? I do. Love your Canucks glass. I live in Van for part of the year and go to the games once in a while, but don't own any Canucks anything. I should maybe change that. :)
Karen said…
I buy Woman's World too! It's has cute decorating ideas and yummy recipes. Thanks for dropping by my blog!
Considerer said…
Payday's always a good feeling, and definitely one to be thankful for. Though it seems you're being careful and finding some good bargains along the way :) Don't forget to link up with TToT soon :)
Yeah to free drink!!!! Those smoothies look I want one too :) Love the sheets you got, very nice and you got a great deal on the pj's....I love a good sale. Hope your having a GREAT weekend!!! It's raining her, but hey that means I am on my computer reading :)
Christy Taylor said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've been thinking about getting a Costco member and cheap magazines might just convince me.
Nancy said…
Thanks so much for sharing your randoms this week April. Lots of great information and links!

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