Happy Monday, Ladies!

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I am in a good mood today! I know. Odd, right?

There are a few jobs that I want to apply for. They are retail, but they sound like they would be jobs that I would like and enjoy, and they are close to home.

 I am getting a parcel from a lady from one our groups that we belong to.
 I get to order Avon on Wednesday.  I am also expecting an order that I ordered from an Avon friend to arrive this week.
Our store should be getting a big shipment this week!
And there are lots of things that I want to buy (which I am sure I will be blogging/instagramming about later).

I saw a purse at Walmart the other night for $12! That's right! It is red, and oh so pretty!!! I want to buy it. And there is also a nice gold coloured wallet that would go great with it.

I also want to buy a bra and panty set. I don't think I have ever had one. True Story.

I saw some LOVELY pizza and pasta place a kitchen place in the mall yesterday. I want them. Badly.

Hubby is getting a very important appointment this week. Thanks makes me happy.

So, the weekend...
You can read about my Friday night shenanigans here.
Saturday, I got my free Starbuck drink,
I got a salted caramel mocha. Yum.
Saturday night, I got McD's burgers, and we had fries and home, so we had those with our burgers. Yum!!! We watched "Snow White and The Huntsman", which I actually liked. It was better than I thought it was going to be. Definitely not for little kids, though. Even I had to hide behind my phone when there were some weird scenes. I would ret/borrow it if you get the chance. We watched the last two episodes of BBT, and watched some extras on the DVD, and went to bed.
Yesterday, we didn't go to church. I know. Bad. But to be honest, I just needed a stay at home day, or at least a stay at home morning. I watched Little Miss Sunshine (a good movie, too) and The Three Stooges (ok, but a bit odd for ended well, though). I met a friend for coffee at Blenz this time, and we had a nice chat, then we wandered the mall.
PSL from Blenz (Sbx is still better..but it was good, though), and a butter tart.
I came home and watched shows that I had PVR'd for most of the evening. It was a nice wknd:)
I have 38 JJ episodes waiting to be watched. True story. I got behind when I was away in August. A lot of them are repeats, but I don't remember watching them.
Well, I like I said above, I am in a good mood today. There are a few places that are hiring, and I am going to apply. They are retail, but for now, I just need something to add to the hours that I am getting at the store. I am also still looking (albeit slowly) for work in my new career path. I may decide to volunteer somewhere as well, which will help me figure where I want to work.
My parents came back from their trip out East on Saturday. I haven't really talked to them yet.  I may see them this week, when/if they come into town. So that makes me happy. I will probably make them take us out for coffee.
I am happy that it is fall, although I am still wearing capri pants.
I am actually cold right now.
I had yummy waffles for breakfast this morning. They were very tasty.
Hubby and I went to his doctors apt, then to fill his RX, and he dropped me off at work. We have a few errands to do after work (which he doesn't know yet..LOL), and then we'll head home. Have no idea what is for supper.
I spent an hour on Pinterest last night. That is the longest I have spent there in awhile. I love it:) I have way too many pins. But they are so fun. They make me feel that I have a nice house, yard, and can cook like any major celebrity chef.
I watched the last half of the Emmy's last night. I think I missed the best part. I was glad that Jim Parsons won for Best Actor in a Comedy series. I was sad that (as far as I know/saw) that DA didn't win anything. BOO. I was happy that THE BILE was nominated. They didn't win, though.
I started watching BOTB. It was boring, mainly because they were recapping from the last 3 seasons. Ugh! Oh well...It think the real season starts next week.
It is PREMIERE WEEK! I am so happy. I only watch a few primetime shows, but I enjoy the shows I do watch. The Amazing Race starts next Sunday!!!
The library got in season 3 of Hot in Cleveland for me. I am so happy. I am pretty much caught up with it, as I watch it on TV, anyway.
My lil brother (the one at Bible College) called me today for some family info for a project he is doing. I felt so honoured.
I have decided to end my love affair with CCS and FHS. They don't play fair, and hubby is way ahead of me in FHS now:)
Here is something I found that may (or may not be) fun to end on. I am TRYING to put labels on at least some of my blog posts (esp the most recent), and I thought I would put a label  on my first blog post. I have gone back before to check it out, and I went again today to re-read it. I think it is interesting on how "rough" my first post looks compared to the ones I do today:) Hope you go and at least check it out:)
Well, that is all for this wk!!!


Bi Ti said…
Thank you for stopping by pret-a-vivre and saying hello :). Have a great week ahead!
Thank you for stopping by my blog!!!
Hi glad that you had a great weekend. Good luck on the job search, it takes time to find a good job but I am sure you will :) I love pinterest tooo!!! I also spend way too much time on there. Going to check out your first blog post :)

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