Throwback Thursday #1 (and some thoughts)

I had so much fun last night (while we watched Jack the Giant Slayer) uploading pics to FB of some of my pics from my childhood. I did that partially because everyone else is doing it, and also partially due to Throwback Thursday!! We do have a scanner, but it is on hubby's comp, and it just seemed like too much work to do all the scanning, so I did it the old fashioned way, and took pictures of pictures. Because I am retro, like that:)

I will share the same picture on FB/Twitter/Blogger every Thursday. Even the ones I uploaded to FB, I will chose one and "share" it each week. Even my brother is doing it:) I have to fit in:)

So, without further is the first picture.
Yes, I believe this was my first computer...haha:) And yes, I loved stuffies..and yes, I still do:) I am with my cousin, so this was probably Christmas in the mid 80's.
I was going to write on Wednesday (and join in the link up) about some things on my heart and mind, but I didn't get to it. I don't want to HAVE to blog anytime there is a link up, etc. I want to blog when I feel like it, and when I have sensible things to say. I didn't even take part in TTOT last week.
We had our first ladies Bible Study (well, get together this wk) this last week. I made brownies from a box (I know.awesome, right?), and off I went. There were lots of good and yummy sweets:) I think there were about 20 ladies there, so that was a good turn out. Our Pastors wife is doing a 5 wk course called Soul Detox. The author, Craig Groeschel, is the same person who wrote The Christian Atheist. I am looking forward to doing this series.
There is a DVD and participants guide. We aren't doing the main book (well, I guess our leader is reading it, and I may pick it up as well).
Anyway, the first week of LBS in the fall, we all get together to talk about our summer and to talk about the study, etc. Our Leader asked us about our summers, and if anything good had happened, or what God was doing in our lives. I didn't want share, because frankly, in some ways, it hasn't been a great summer. I mean, we had some times this summer, but with Anker and I, and what we have been dealing with, well, it has been stressful. Work, where to live, our health, etc. As I heard the ladies share their stories, I couldn't help but wonder when OUR turn of time of goodness from the Lord will come. Yes, we are blessed in many ways. I KNOW that! But Anker is grumpy and frustrated every day, and I am frustrated by the fact that I can't find any work in my new chosen career path. We try to live good lives, but it is HARD to really thank God when you are dealing with "stuff". I don't understand why nothing "exciting" or even "good" hasn't happened yet. If anything, it seems that we have been getting a lot of "no's" lately. I consider myself a pretty strong person. I nearly died at birth (another story to tell one day), and spent the first two years in the hospital. I nearly died 3 years ago, and have been in and through some tough situations. I didn't get married until I was 31; I have had some pretty cr@ppy jobs, when all my friends were getting married and having babies. I was lonely. A lot. In a lot of ways, I AM more happy than when I was single, and for that, I am grateful, but honestly, I am just plain tired!!! I want to do what God wants. I have always said that. I look for work. I look for work in places I don't normally look (and yes, I had that job at the beginning of the summer, but I could just see "bad job" all over it). I am even starting to think about looking for work in other areas of the province. It wouldn't be ideal, but I don't know what else to do. I constantly wonder if I did the right thing by not continuing on with the job I got this summer. Maybe I was wrong to not take it, but when I talk to my friend who is still working there, and she says that she is working 13 hour shifts, well, I don't think it was wise for me to continue on. I have to think about my health. 
Anyway, I am digressing. I guess what I am trying to say is that I don't have it all figured out. I get tired of people on their blog looking/saying/acting like they have it all, or that they have it all figured out, or that their lives are perfect. They are trying to be a perfect Christian (or person of their faith). Clearly, I am not that. I guess I just wanted to say that our life isn't perfect, and I felt the need to share about it here. You are not alone:) There is someone in a similar situation as you are.
 Again, I am digressing...:) I am willing to wait for what God has for us, I am, but for how long will that be? It is so easy to praise God when things are perfect. I like what my blogging friend said on her blog a few weeks ago. Brantley shared this on her blog, and I really felt it was fitting. I actually JUST now looked at it again (it is a small post and can be read in about 2 minutes) , and I loved what it said...
 I found this off the net, since I couldn't snag it from her blog:) I am going to try and do this more. I am going to praise him from within. From my dark (if you can call it that) dark place, where no one sees. During my daily walks (oh, who am I kidding..i don't walk!! LOL), my errands, during work, etc. I am going to praise Him for ALL things!!! One thing that I am astonished by is how we get by pay chq to pay chq. Yes, we have been broke MANY a time (and we soon will be again), but we somehow get through it:) That ALONE makes me praise Him:)
I hope this all makes some sort of sense to you:)
After our long over due bills are (somewhat) paid, we only have a few dollars left. True Story. But even, then, in faith (and trepidation) am going to give some money to the Lord this Sunday. Why? Because he has taken care of our EVERY need!!!
After work, I am going to get my bangs trimmed, and get some underwear, because, I am running out, and because I am cool like that:)
Also, Menchies has opened!!! We have two (one near us) in town now!!! The other opened a few weeks ago. I have heard so much about this place. I have to try it out.
I had los 1.5 lbs, but I think I put it back on yesterday, since I had a Sn!ckers , Slurppe and Ice Cream (yum!!), and a half of a small cheesecake yesterday. True story. Today will be better. I promise!!
Happy Thursday!


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