Why I "do" Coffee (a lot), and SUYL Cleaning Tips

Well, I wasn't going to blog today, but I kind of wanted to do a quick recap on our summer, and join in with Kelly in SUYL from this last Friday on Cleaning tips. I am not really one to talk (type) since my house is in a bit of disarray, but I do LIKE to clean, but I have to be in the MOOD to clean.

First off...Summer.

Dear Summer, where did you go? How did you leave us so quickly? Actually, summer isn't technically over, but the School Zones are telling me to slow down again, so I guess this means fall is here.

Actually, I would say we had an OK summer. We didn't do anything extravagant, or go far away, but we did manage a wk away camping at my parents. We did do a few day/wknd trips to the farm as well. I did manage (and I still might) to go to the beach a couple of times this year, and I went to the Lake with my sisters. We (or I) went to a few get togethers with my friends.  We had great weather, so we really cannot complain about that. I don't know about the highlight, though. For me, it would be going to the lake with the girls. I think for Anker, it was probably moving the sheep up the mountain (speaking of which, I need to put up some more pics of the next move that he went on). I am kind of glad that we didn't spend ALL summer going here and there. To be honest, I don't know how people can afford to spend ALL their (or even every wknd) away. I like to stay home and chillax, and do day trips, or even just sit at our local park (which I also did). I would be too tired if I were gone all the time. It amazes me on how people can be so busy (even just within their city) all the time...travelling, time with friends, etc. I can't believe on how the people on the blogs I frequent are busy.ALL.THE.TIME. Don't they get tired? I get that it is fun to go and hang out with people (trust me, I do, and we do do our fair share of visiting), but isn't it fun to just stay home with your family and hang?I I also think it is interesting on how many people travel (whether out of their city/state/province/country) so much! There are a few blogs that I frequent in which people are always travelling? How can they afford it? Don't they like staying home? I do love to travel, but I also like to stay home and work, and enjoy my own city. Ok..enough ranting!

Another thing I wanted to explain (although I don't need to) is reason I go for coffee so much. Yes, I realize that if I didn't go for a year, I would probably have enough $$ to go to Disney Land or somewhere...but just bare with me. I don't get fancy hair cuts. I don't get fancy clothes. I don't get my nails done every week (or even every month). We DON'T travel much, and we (although we should) don't buy a lot of things for our home. We rent, so we don't have a home/mortgage to keep up with. We don't have car payments. We don't have kids that we need to spend money on. Going for coffee is MY thing. I love St@rbucks. I love the feel of going into the coffee shop and enjoying my drink, and people watching. I love the smell. I could go to Tim's (and I do, I love their French Vanilla), but it just isn't the same. There are a couple of coffee shops that I do frequent that aren't SBX, but most of them are on the other side of town (and honestly, more expensive). I get my weekly mags, because like my coffee, it is MY thing. (I also do get a lot of mags from the library) Do I feel guilty about going? No. Why? Because it is MY time to relax (even differently than if I were at home) and just be me. I don't have the cat, or our small (messy) house to worry about. I usually don't bring my computer, so I am free of that. It is my therapy (along with journaling). To be fair, I don't need to go as often as I usually do. What I did this week, is load up my card, with some money (I try to be reasonable on how many times I usually go, but with some smallish amount), and when I am done, I am done! (at least at that shop..ok, I am kidding) Unless someone invites me (they will pay) for coffee, or if I have a free coffee on my card (another reason I like SBX...they give you free drinks), then that is the end of my coffee trips until next payday.

SUYL-Cleaning Tips.

I used to be a real freak, at least more than I am now. When I lived alone, I tried to keep a clean apartment. When I got marred, I acquired my husbands stuff. He also has electronic/solar hobbies, and since we don't have a yard or a garage, he does it here (don't get me started). He tries to keep most of it to his work bench in the kitchen, but sadly, most of it get scattered all over the house. I try to keep our bedroom free of his clutter, but it will often spread. Ugh! To be honest, I hate it. When I do get the urge to clean, I try to just tackle one thing (or a type of cleaning), or room at a time. Like earlier today, I just concentrated on clutter. I (altho not done yet) cleaned off clutter from the table, and stuff in our room that was taking up too much space. I find that best way to keep our place clean is to try to keep the kitchen and our bedroom as clean as possible. Then, if our living room is a mess, then I can at least retrieve into our room. Our living room and bedroom still have carpet, so we have to vacuum. Hubby usually will clean out the bathroom, and will vacuum. We just don't do these things as often as we should. As far as deep cleaning, dusting, etc? I hardly ever dust (sad, I know) and things like cleaning the fridge, my windows, etc, well, those are done twice a year.
I find the best kind of cleaning is the time when it isn't planned out ahead of time. I start on one project and end up dong another, which I love, because then I can enjoy getting stuff done that I hadn't planned on. As far as laundry goes, we have to pay for it, so we only do about 3 or 4 a week. I am terrible with folding and putting away, so loads of clothes can stay in the baskets for weeks at a time. True Story. Although they usually do get folded with in a week of getting washed. I try to and go through at least my clothes about twice a year. That is one way that I try to keep my wardrobe fresh. Like I said, I don't buy new or expensive clothing (at least not very often), so I may buy a few items a year. As for general clutter, I try to keep a bag going for our local charities so that I can just give them a call, and they can pick it up.
I know those aren't really tips, but that is how I keep house lately. I know it is sad, but that is the way it is. I am jealous of going to people's houses and their house is always cleaner than ours. I will say that we aren't hoarders (yet!), and every time I do watch a show on Hoarding, I don't feel too bad.
I hope that helps, Or doesn't. However you chose to use these is up to you!


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